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hairy BSB

I find myself liking many kinds of builds and body types, my top is a smooth, slender man, but at times a hairy man just drives me nuts...hehe
i love the smooth twink type but some light hair on the chest just drives me nuts:001_tt2:
A happy trail leads me to do 'bad' things. Depends on the guy, but some chest hair is very sexy.
For me it is hair on the legs; that is why I love watching a young guy with shorts on. Just seeing thoes hairy legs and tracing it upward to his ass (in my mind at least) just drives me wild. Also a "happy trail" from his navel down is a turn-on!!
I had thought about bringing this up on my own and found this thread already started. Of course I do like the young twink bodies. However I wouldn't mind seeing a model or two thrown in who have hairy chests. I'm not talking about some big burly bear with hair that's out of control on the whole body. I'm not into bears at all. I would just like to see a young guy with a healthy dusting of fur on his chest. The kind of hair that guys straight or gay and mostly hairless themselves just want to run their fingers through. That would be so hot!
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My vote is for Danny as the hairest straight boy in the stable. I wonder how is he on top? Wouldn't anyone else want to see?
My vote is for Danny as the hairest straight boy in the stable. I wonder how is he on top? Wouldn't anyone else want to see?

Yes i think so too, i have also wondered if he is naturally as we see him or if he has hair on his chest as well and shaves it off.
But he is such a cutie i don't mind.
I would also like to see him top, and as i have said before Ryan cums to mind LOL.
HOT I want to see! ;)

Running and you, and Rick and Wahoo, plus two or three other hotties, should all post pix of yourselves, including your best bulge photo, on a thread that you, denver, could open: Barely Solvent Gay Boys. Please :thumbup: do it.
I think Danny is hairy & hot. He has an awesome face, but his personality is what really turns me on. I would love see him top Dustin, but it will never happen.
Hmm, you know Michael, I think "Pizza Boy" was pretty hairy too, or was that Michael with the Tats, and am I getting them mixed up? It would be nice to see Danny top Dustin, but I suspect we don't know the whole story there. I wondered why they were always together, even on College Boy Physicals? But now Dustin is, well, ...dust, so no chance of a repeat appearance. (Damn!)

With love, I am,
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