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Griffin Matthews

Thought it was a great Solo and I usually do not like them..... I think he was very honest about saying he fooled around a few guys and his girlfriend is aware of this liner of work he was doing...... And by the way Griffin welcome to Broke Straight Boys hope to see more of you
I do like them beefy so I think he is a keeper! I would like to get him on the forum to discuss his "times with boys" more.
Liked Griffin a lot. Liked his open and honest approach to his scene. He's got a hot body and a really nice cock. If I were a horse, I'd love to have him ride me. It was nice that Clay kept him in his boxer briefs so that he could show off that awesome bulge...that was great to see. So many times, hot guys proudly displaying their bulges just does not happen. So, today was a treat.

Hopefully, Griffin will be around for many scenes and will show us what he's learned while playing with those guys he has encountered on the range. A roll in the hay with him would be a dream come true.
I think he is a cutie! Sort of a innocent kind of demeaner, but willing to explore. I see a power bottom in this boy!
Yep, I like him. Honesty goes a long way with me, and Griffin seems very honest to me. I like his good personality and his average body which probably could be very hot when interacting with another dude. I love how he seemed to enjoy playing with the toys God gave him with no shame attached.

Growing up in the 60's and 70's, it was pretty much accepted that if it feels good, do it. Griffin acts as if he could have grown up in that time period.

I just hope his fiance lets him cum back .
Griffin is a natural! He is honest and down to earth and has a hot body and cock too!! I am sure that guys who jerk off on camera for the first time must have it go through their mind that they might not be able to cum. What I liked about Griffin was that little smile right after he shot--as if to say, "Whew! I did it!" I could tell he was proud but then the slight apology that he can shoot more than he did. That all made him even more appealing. My hope is that we will see him again with one of the experienced guys helping him adjust. I too would like to know about his experiences with other guys. We can look forward to learning more about him as time goes on. At least I hope so. He is definitely a keeper. Great show, Griffin!!
Of course all taste in subjective - but the negatives bewilder me. Griffin is delightful, sexy and warm. Eager to see him in action again, very soon!
Gave him a 3 - average in my grading system. Not being a fan of solos that's good. I like his "everyman" demeanor and he does have a nice cock.
Griffin's a hot beefy boy I'm sure he'd give a great power fuck :smiley-sex011: and will probably be great at taking it too hope to see more of him
He wasn't bad just not my type. I'm not a fan of beefy guys but he seemed really honest and decent. So I guess we will see if he comes back. On the positive side he had a nice cock and cumshot and I'm always fan of ass play.
Griffin is a keeper for sure. I don't usually watch much of the solo scenes because they bore me, but this kid kept me interested. I'm hoping he'll do more than a solo. He also reminds me of the farm boys out here in MN, so that's definitely a turn on. I think it's time this boy learns how to ride something other than horses. LOL.
Gave a 4 don't usually do it for a solo. Liked him A LOT. I'm sure he will do well with another guy, Wonder if he bottoms?
I like Griffin M. to me he has a nice everything BUT one question, is he new? Was this his 1st scene? He's not listed when a search is done under episodes or the boys tabs. Anyone have any info on this? Tnx.