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Gay marriage is. . . AWESOME :-)))


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Jul 15, 2009
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Hey, guys,

Yesterday, a dear friend of mine (from Canada) was legally married to the love of his life (who hails from Switzerland) in Canada. They are so in love, and so HAPPY with one another, I couldn't help but shed a tear. (And please, for those of you who are so inclined, say a prayer for "M" and "D", and for their lasting happiness.)

I sincerely hope that this privilege, responsibility, and joy, is eventually available to every member of this board, should he so choose it! (Justice Roberts, are you listening??? ;-))) I know that marriage is not for everyone, but for those who choose it, it is a very important way in which to practically express one's everlasting caring.

With love, and in great joy at the moment, your,

Legal in Washington state, of course so is pot too now!! So there you go, now we have a bunch of stoned queers getting married. haha I love that I live here in the Evergreen State!!
I say marriage is awesome, regardless of who is doing it to whom!:biggrin:
The uk government are trying to get same sex marriage pushed through before the next election however, the church is very much against this. David Cameron is known to be church going however, he has bravely stood by his guns. Will this be his downfall I wonder.
Why would it be wrong if gays can celebrate their love with a marriage?

Equal justice for ALL under the law; not just a large group.
The church are set in their ways dear. I have my own views on same sex marriage of course.

We are not talking about churches to force to hold gay weddings... What gives the church the right to interfere with civil marriage? That's none of their business!
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I have met many gay men who have expressed a distaste for the idea of marriage for themselves. There are many gays who would choose not to get married to their partners even if they could legally do so. I even listened to one gay man make a forceful case against it, on the grounds that it would only make divorce lawyers more rich than they already are.

I myself am very much in favor of gay marriage. Not because I'm eager to go running down the aisle myself...but because it would lesson the social stigma of being gay so much more than any other social advancement since the acceptance of gays in the armed forces. Though as Robert points out, we are talking about legalizing civil marriage by Justices of the Peace, Notary Publics, ship captains and so on. We're not talking about forcing churches, synagogues, mosques, Buddhist temples and the like to marry people.

Religious denominations would still have their own say on whether they were willing to marry people or not. Some churches might find it financially advantageous to do so. They might figure out that gay couples who are childless tend to have more disposable income and could afford to tithe more. They would also be more likely to volunteer more of their free time to the church's lay ministries and community outreach programs.

How could anyone brutally assault and/or murder a gay person for being gay and hope to find a sympathetic ear in the court of law and the court of public opinion if gays are allowed to serve openly in the armed forces, and they're allowed to get married?
I personally think that the civil partnership offers all the legal requirements that couples need to have the same legal rights as heteros. It's only the word marriage that is difference and I personally don't think it makes much difference. The government and the church would be better off amalgamating their resources and helping the homeless and such likes.
Here in the U.S. the civil unions do not give couples any federal benefits as far as tax breaks on filing income taxes and paying taxes on property. It also doesn't automatically entitle them to benefits such as pensions, health insurance, Social Security and rights to property for surviving spouses. That's partly why gay marriage has such a good chance of winning in the courts.

The civil unions themselves are on shaky legal ground here at risk of being interpreted as separate and unequal...and therefore unconstitutional. I believe it's Justice Kennedy of the Supreme Court who has hinted that states mandating only marriage-lite civil unions as the only option for gays who wanted legal recognition of their relationships, could in essence create a second and lesser class of citizens under the law. Which of course in the U.S., again would be unconstitutional.

The DOMA case deals more directly with the whether the federal government can continue to deny tax benefits (among many others) to couples married in states that allow gay marriage. That will be a very interesting case also.
Holland was the first country to open marriage for same sex couples.

Marriage is not for me... but I can marry and I do insist on equal rights for all!

Why discriminate gay and lesbians?
All the fun we could have had here...

My very first proposal... you said yes... to change your mind after a mere five minutes...

You ripped out my heart, threw it on the floor and trampled on it!

My very first proposal... you said yes... to change your mind after a mere five minutes...

You ripped out my heart, threw it on the floor and trampled on it!

Was it really only five minutes.....seemed much longer.

So with the statement, "marriage is not for me", I was your first and last proposal?

It was a wonderful five minutes though, that I will cherish forever.

(Don't forget to put your heart back in.......just somehow doesn't look healthy to me.)