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Flip-Flop: You Give as Well as You Get: Jason and Paul...


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Oct 1, 2011
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DFW, Texas
Fuck Me and I will Fuck You: Paul and JasonI "wood" love to see a flip_flop" you give as well as you get...enjpy!
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Any flip flop scene is good Beth, but yes the 2 models you stated are a good idea. BTW judging by your spelling, is the drink beginning to get to you lol x
Okay I am two pitchers down in margaritas, am am willing to talk about the two toys I used 0n Steve. I used Jimmy/Jane until it needed recharging! Rob you have my number 972-814-5460!
I believe a good flipflop scene is one where both models fuck with passion and gusto. You got be fast and furious or else it wouldn't work. It helps to have a long pronounced dick to make the thrusting more vivid and lively. It has to be something that you can feel as you watch them fucking like their very lives depended on it. No kissing necessary just raw unadulterated man sex.