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Dr. Topinbottom


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Jul 15, 2009
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Hey, guys,

I don't have a medical fetish - not in the least! (For me, the doctor's office is a totally SCARY place, where bad things tend to happen. . . ) But I have come to appreciate College Boy Physicals, if only because of the quality of the models featured there. (Many of whom are crossovers from Broke Straight Boys)

I have just one question about "Dr. Toppinbottom" - Does he have a BOYFRIEND??? I`d be happy to marry him anytime - and gay marriage is legal in Canada!!!

Here`s what I like about Dr. T:
1. He`s a pretty decent actor - he sounds just like MY doctor, in fact!
2. He`s really, really cute, in a guy-next-door sort of way.
3. He`s just an incredible lover - whether top OR bottom. His scenes with Jarrett Fox were stellar. . . and he got cute, shy, TY really worked up!

I`m sort of fascinated that Dr. T. has a quote from St. Augustine (!!!) emblazoned on his chest: "Ex malo bonum" - `Good can come out of evil`. I really wonder what that means to him??? I wonder if he would ever post and talk to us? I`d love it, personally.

Anyway, Dr. T. is a totally adorable guy: I hope College Boy Physicals keeps using him - and I wouldn`t mind seeing him break in some newbies on Broke Straight Boys, also!!!

Thank you for your post!!! Doctor T aka Sean...is a super cool dude and has been working with our studio for years!! Sean has a great personality and great work ethics and he as a great sense of humor.

I will see if he has time to post on this forum because he does have a lot of fans and he's been on both Broke Straight Boys and College Boy Physicals sites and with us the longest. He will be down filming again right after the new year so I will speak to him about posting at that time.

Thank you, David!

Thanks, David -

It would mean a lot to hear from Sean. . . he's so cute and so adorable - though I have many fantasies (of course! blushing!) Sean is the closest to the kind of guy I would like to marry.

He's very special, and deserves all the fans!

If I can shamelessly put in another plug for the BCB site again, Sean (Dr.Toppinbottom) has2 videos on Boygushers now. They are from his days as when he still had the edgy look to him. With the blonde highlights, the little goatee and all he looks really cute. He is in an oral scene with Tyler. In my opinion it's one of Tyler's best videos. The most recent update on Boygushers is with Sean and Ricardo. Of the Ricardo and Glacias scene from April 28, 2007 scene. It's also super hot. Sean gives a great performance there also.