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Dr. Phingerphuck is at it again


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Oct 28, 2008
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He certainly is an inquisitive Dr. with regards to anal stimulation. :blushing: I thought it was funny he mentioned buying supplies through Extreme Restraints rather than through the College Boy Physicals website. It is all kewl. College Boy Physicals has its own fair share of toys to sell too. :biggrin: Anyway, I wonder if his research will be as popular as the Kinsey studies???

Oh, and I thought of a great lab experiment for College Boy Physicals. It can kind of be like the College Boy Physicals version of "Myth Busters." LOL Anyway; here it goes my idea, it is rumored that dairy products can make sperm taste sour or salty and it is also rumored that natural juices especially citrus juices can cause sperm to taste sweet. I propose that we put it to the test. Wow, that sounds like a great lab experiment for the Dr's. and nurses.

Use 5 different guys as the control group and 5 guys as tasters. For one week the control group of 5 guys will consume dairy products regularly. Then they will go a week without dairy and increase consumption of citrus. That makes 10 episodes to sample sperm. Although this is will not be entirely accurate because of other foods consumed during the week; it should still be enough to warrant plausibility during the 10 week study.

Other lab studies could include the following:
  • Best methods of performing oral sex.
  • Most comfortable condoms to use.
  • Best lube to use.
  • etc...

Those things would give the models great reasons to have sex and there would be some fairly reasonable research involved with the fun.

OK, I know I have lost it now... or did I find it? I would bet that the Forum could come up with some really kewl experiments/myths to bust...
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LMAO that is just to good I love it when the Dr puts on those big black gloves and then lubes them all up. Also the look in the eyes when the Dr pulls out that big black Dildo LOL
If you lost it, I think I found it. How about stress testd to find the breakinf point of various condoms? Or a test to discover which lubes work best with which condoms. Or how about ribbed vs, textured, which last longer!


M&M Markymark

It works for me. Who said porn can't be both fun and educational???
The title of this thread cracks me up! Dr. Phingerphuk? Now, that is just plain funny!! Perverse, but, funny!!
The title of this thread cracks me up! Dr. Phingerphuk? Now, that is just plain funny!! Perverse, but, funny!!

Call it what you will. It is the Dr's. name...:thumbup: It certainly is an attention getter.