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Dr Dick & Ashton CBP & a question for David


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Oct 19, 2008
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Padre Island Texas
Great to see David in front of the camera again! As always he did a wonderful job and I am sure enjoyed himself. I think Ashton is just beuatuful. Great toned body, hint of a treasure trail, great eyes, smile and face and of course perfect cock. I have to admit and this is only "my" opinion. It drives me crazy to see a beautiful young guy put all of that art work over such a great body. Some tattoos are sexy, but I just feel bad he spoiled such a beautiful body. It's like putting bumper stickers on the Mona Lisa.
Ashton has a great personality too and can't wait to see his next episode.

David, will College Boy Physicals ever let a guy go all the way on Estim and have an HFO?? The perfect guy would be Diesal since he is so hot about doing an estim shoot!!
Great video, thank you!
Great question about electro. Electrostimulation is a fairly a new niche/fetish. I'm trying to introduce it into College Boy Physicals and on the Boy Gusher site. I think its really hot to see a HFO just using electro. Its hot to see the cock throb pre-cum drip out and then the cock throbs some more and starts spurting out come without the guy touching himself.

I have to admit, I've tried it on my own and had one of the best orgasms that I have every experienced in my life. However, its a required feeling and not everyone responds the same way I did. It can take hours or even several tries to feel comfortable with electro on your cock and achieve an orgasm. Most guys think electro on there cock its going to hurt but in actuality it feels really good.

I think it would be great to see a guy have a HFO using electro on College Boy Physicals or on the Boy Gusher site so we are working on finding the right guy that can do it. It just happens off camera Diesal is the only one can do it and enjoys it so much that I'm going to place him on College Boy Physicals for a doctors visit and electro this is one reason I like to place him on College Boy Physicals.

Shane is also another model that can do electro HFO so you will be seeing him on Boy Gusher site...but I'm working with models to get them comfortable with electro and once we get it down pat, we will be featuring more on College Boy Physicals and Boy Gusher sites.
Looking foward to seeing Diesal on College Boy Physicals! Shane on Boy Gusher, too! Give 'em the shock of their lives, David! LOL!

I agree with nsreed, too! Ashton is a little hottie! I would love to see him on the Futon! He played his role very well. I LOL when he asked Dr. Dick, as he was getting his dick worked over "Do you do this procedure often?" Dr. Dick said "At this clinic, yes." LOL!!

Very enjoyable vid, David!
It's always great to see Dr. Dick work his magic! ;-) Looking forward to the electro "shoots" as well!!!