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Diesal and Eric


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Oct 24, 2009
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Not a great vid in my opinion. Eric just does not get anything from being fucked and the camera/editing/whatever missed Diesal's cum shot. Too bad. I like them both, just not here.
You are so right Silvercamel! What a damn waste! I cna't believe they missed that absolute best part, Diesal coming over Eric.

Eric may have seemd to be having a terrible time of it, yet he almost never lost his hardon, then, he comes while Diesal is still plowing him. Hmmm

I will never understand David's insistence in pairing a first time bottom with a big thick cock like Diesal Why not start him with a slightly less endowed top, let him ease into anal, and maybe, just maybe, actually enjoy it and give a great performance. Instead, we get treated to someone who is obviously not enjoying it that much, even though Eric did cum. Go figure! Bring on the new Broke Straight Boys! I certainly hope a new director will be a bit more sensitive.
Well there were some wins in this shoot. I love it so much when Diesal is aggresive and shows that dominate personality. I was giggling and excited when he told Eric to go stand against the wall and wait for him. You should've heard the stuff I was yelling out loud at him when I was watching it! :) But also the hair pulling, the fucking while standing up. I found those parts mucho excellente. But what a damn shame we missed the money shot. :((((((
I had been looking forward o this shoot but ....

I agree that, if this really was a case of Eric losing his cherry, someone less endowed should have done the deed. Eric really seemed in agony (much like Sean a few days ago but at least he got better pay for it).

Eric being told to get over to the wall was probably the hottest part.
Very disappointed. Can't believe that Diesal complained about the taste of pre-cum. I thought he was supposed to be a porn star. Loved getting to see Eric again. He seems like a great guy.
I thought the March 9th episode between Diesal and Eric was a shameful exploitation of young guy who was willing to bottom simply because he needed money so badly. Knowing this was his first time, he was never-the-less paired with one of the biggest dicks in the stable, oblivious to the pain this would likely cause. Then to top it off, he was paid only half the going rate. I think this was pretty sick.