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Dear Mark,


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Nov 30, 2009
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Mark, First of all I want to thank you publicly for a great site called Broke Straight Boys! i especially want to thank you for the bonus site HSBoys, which has added Jeremy Hall to the line up, and as I said earlier it was great to see Preston, and Zakk, who looks great with short hair and his body is even hotter. i respect you and consider you a friend, so accept my words in that context.

I wrote a new thread earlier today critical of today's update. I just read through the responses and I found one recurrent theme. If I'm right, the theme was we like Broke Straight Boys and just want to make it better. I think that the members who dislike the new format show courage in telling you, a person they seem to like very much that they disagree with you. I know that I, and other members, are not dishing you, but in a humble attempt, tring to improve the site. Mark, your addition seemed to me to show frustration with us,"Shoot from the hip members." We are a pesky bunch to say the least!
I think that the comments are real. It seems that all the talk is a little much.
Most guys think the new models are attractive.
They want more action,"Don't we all."
That some of the sex scenes are more limit pushing, facials, dildos, ect...
That with some tweaking the ,"new," site can be awesome.
I guess I differ with some members, because, I realize that these guys understand the pay to play lifestyle, or even the hustler lifestyle. Jimmy acts like a hustler, I should know, I've hired a few in my lifetime, so the conversation is very familiar. LOL
Zakk, to say the least is a power bottom, who can relax and open as much as my old pussy, which has been used for many many years. In fact I'm jealous.
So there is good in the new Broke Straight Boys, Unfortunately has in some members, and mine that there should be some major/minor changes.
Lastly, I was personally offended with wash off the shame Bullshit.
I'm a gay man, who has chosen the gay lifestyle. In the past like many I was searching for my identity, and had mixed feeling about my sexuality, and lost forever, many years that could have been better if I was proud of who I was.
While I can understand Matt's attitude, paid to cum sprayed on your chest, might be dirty, but you agreed to do it Matt. I would love to have Zakk or Rocco cum on me, Now that would be fun. lol
Two people same action different feelings.
Mark, Thanks for reading this in advance. I hope I have said what I feel in a way that is respectful of you.
Edward Tobey
Would it be possible to have a guest director, David, direct a scene?
just a question I'm sure you'd appreciate.
I think they speak for many of us Mark.

We mean no personal disrespect to anyone in the Blu organization if we are critical of a scene. Ever since I saw the Vinny and Zach scene I was convinced that Matthew would do well here. It may still take some tweeking and minor course adjustments but I think the new site will do just fine. I like the fact that it is full of fresh possibilities.
Hey Tampa, read Smiley's post on the thread for How do you like Broke Straight Boys 2.0. He presents interesting points in an intellectual manner...I guess many of us wonder how long it will be before the videos take on a consistently appealing nature.
Great Tobey

I agree with you Tobey. I think you mean Zach though the other Zakk is great in Jeremy Hall. Another thing I would like to add is why do we need a narrator/director per se. I know I mentioned it before but it would be hot if some of the scenes are like the Defiant Productions where they don't have a narrator but look & act straight & watch porn & do things that way.
Dear Mark,

One should try to take criticism on the chin; but that's easier said than done. So let me hand out some compliments as well!

Until two weeks ago we were watching video's that were shot a long time ago, so there was no point in giving constructive criticism at all.
Not only the models and director changed at once, also the video formats and the site itself. That's a big step at once which guarantees lot's of responses as well.

So far I have seen attractive guys. Matthew as new director is way better than I could hope for, and I even enjoyed some of the solo's.

Some members will leave, but I hope they will return like I did. In the two months I left Broke Straight Boys and tried out other sites, not one single site came even close to Broke Straight Boys

Many of us here do have patience with Broke Straight Boys, so please have some patience with us members too... and don't give up on us.

Greetings from Amsterdam,