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David, Chad & Giovanni Nov 17, 2007, Why no more Giovanni shoots??


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Oct 19, 2008
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Padre Island Texas
I decided watch some older shoots and looked at Chad & Giovanni again from.(11/17/07). The Italian Stallion as David called him was very fun to watch. Supposedly the first oral he had ever done. And it looked like it was. The part I enjoyed the most was Giovanni at the end when David was trying to talk with him. He just didn't make eye contact with David could not take his eyes off of Chad's cock and cum that he had justed wanked out of him. Giovanni looked like he wanted to do a lot more at that point. Giovanni has a beautiful body, is cute as hell and he "wanted" to come back to do more shoots.

Are there any more videos of him sitting around the office David????

I love Chad too. Sure.. "I know" he is gay but damn he is a beautiful kid. Stunning smile, eyes, personality. Fantastic body, treasure trail and cock. I would love to see more of him too. Chad is also great with the new nervous straight boys and helps get the best out of them. I hope we see more of him too. Chad would be great on "Boy Gusher" David!!! Hint Hint
I really liked Giovanni. Giovanni is straight but curious. When he arrived he did great and he was like a chip off the ole block. I nicknamed him "mini-me" because he was very like myself and we had lots in common.

His last filming will be released and shown on the Boy Gusher.com site. Unfortunately, Giovanni's father found out he was doing gay porn. Coming from a strict Italian family his father freaked out. Not only did his father found out but so did his private catholic college were he was a junior wrestler and got into the college with a wrestling scholarship. The college freaked out and was threatening to take his scholarship away and throw him out of the school. It was a lot of drama for Giovanni and is no longer to do porn.

He still keeps in touch with me every once and in a while. I have a feeling when he gets older and lives on his own, he will be contacting me again.

Thanks David!!
Sad he had to go all through that. Let him know next time he contacts you he has fans that would love to see him again when he is on his own. Sill would like to see Chad with you on Boy Gusher!!
i think i heard about that on the news! a wrestler who was caught doing gay porn and was straight. they threatened to take away his scholarship
two wrestlers from the university of nebraska were dismissed for appearing on fratmen.tv
Similar situation but different boys from a different studio. Apparently if you wrestle for a college and your on the college wrestling team and you have a scholarship, the college can throw you off the team, take away your scholarship and ask you to leave the school.

What I was told by Giovanni is that, the team/school doesn't want homosexual boys wrestling with other boys. At the time, I told Giovanni that if the school made that kind of statement, he would have a major lawsuit on his hands and I told him to threaten the school with a lawsuit if it actually came down to that.

I really don't know the full details or what happen, but apparently they didn't throw him out and he didn't loose his scholarship. I just know his father forbids him to come down and film :(
Thanks for all that background info David. It's awful what the poor guy went through.
I joined boygushers after hearing that Giovanni had modeled there, and I see that he's the next update. Did he model again here after his shoot with Chad? Or did he only model for boygushers after that?
I know this is an old thread but for my money, Giovanni personifies what a Broke Straight Boys should be. Most of the other "boys" dont impress me as being straight. Giovanni seems so pure and innocent. I would pay a lot to get my hands on more video. Is the afor mentioned video still available on boy gushers does anyone know?