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Darren And Jason


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Apr 6, 2011
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While I think all the guys on Broke Straight Boys are great I really really really would like to see a scene with Darren and Jason. Both of these guys are man to man sex,hot and awesome at everything they do.
I agree!

Thanks, frontier, for such a great suggestion! I agree with you 100%. These two guys can put on a helluva show. They're Jacks-of-all-trades and Masters of all. I bet they could even have the KRU frathouse flooded with cum. Let's hear it for Darren and Jason! Forumites unite!:nicethread:
is this another one of those forum led movements to get model(s) in a scene?
if it is, then count me in!
darren has been on my favorites list since forever.
jason bring out the best in everybody and performs well.
I would love to see Jason in any scene... with anyone... well not that one guy but I won't mention his name.. but it happens to be the same name as my favorite NASCAR driver... lmao.
would make a fantastic sceane I personally can't get enough of either one of those guys.
I would watch Darren with ANYone, hell even PeeWee Herman!
PeeWee rimming

Robert, you're too much! Love thepic!
If this scene between Darren and Jason was to happen i would hope that jason would bottom for two reasons...one Darren is an amazing top i like em' rough! haha and two Jason has an AMAZING ass. I fell in love with it after the Jason and Mick scene...that guy can ride a dick!