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Danny and Ryan - Wow!


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Nov 14, 2008
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Benicia, CA
Broke Straight Boys did it agian! They put on an "Oscar" performing episode. And the oscar goes to DANNY for best Broke Straight Boys and for supporting Broke Straight Boys, Ryan. Did you see Danny's eyes as he was fucking Ryan - What intensity for a straight boy! As usual Danny came through with fantastic gyrations on Ryan's dick. His hairy body definately added to the whole sexually charged scene. And what about those kisses - not bad for straight men acting out an unrehearsaled scene. Danny can fuck, that was the surprise for me in this scene. He is so handsome, I was beginning to swoon to the sounds of Ryan's hips pounding Danny's thighs. Danny's eyes are so dark and romantic, he's a keeper.
I couldn't agree more!! Danny's body probably turns me on more than anyone else - just love his hairy chest and that treasure trail is hot, hot, hot! He has bottomed so often it was fantastic to see him enjoying fucking someone else for once! He and Ryan were great, and the kissing fantastic!! Love them both, but Danny is a superstar! I also loved the emotion Ryan put into it when he was fucking Danny! Loved him lying full on Danny's back and nuzzling and kissing Danny's neck as he fucked him! Sensational!!!
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That is my favourite episode!!! Danny is so hot and when he flipped Ryan back and fucked him upside down I went weak at the knees.
I would love to take a trip along that happy trail of his as well, he is definately the whole package for me.....oh and those eyes...mmmmmm hell yeah!:drool::w00t:
They are definitely great together.:wink: