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Charlie bottom? Aiden bottom?


Jan 26, 2011
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I would love to see charlie or/and aiden bottom! :001_smile: I think it would be SO hot. comment if u agree :D
Anything Charlie does is good with me...

Anything Charlie does is good with me :)

Dear cincygoat,

I hope we get the chance to become better acquainted with beautiful Charlie and he doesn't get lost in the shuffle with the changeover to Broke Straight Boys-2. Charlie deserves more futon time to delve into his slightly "curious" side. Besides being a beauty, he has a genuine quality, personal charm, and a vulnerability not so easily found in typical newbies.

I have to agree with your sentiments. "Anything Charlie does is good with me!"


Charlie would be the "frosting on the cake" as a straight guy having his first anal experience. Can he take it and still smile? How much would it take for him to bottom?
Charlie has SUCH a great body. And dick too. That ass is just aching to be fucked. I hope Charlie thinks so too.