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CBP - Parker on Boys First Time (bonus site)

The one dated 07/04/10

- Josh
I really tickled my fancy...

I felt this was a memorable video of Parker and his partner. I want to thank you for this alert on Parker. It really tickled my fancy and curled my toes! He surely was a pleasure to watch, and watch, and watch...

Any slightly open-minded straight guy should reasonably be able to watch Parker's ass fucking and leave with an increased appreciation for this art form. Great recruitment film potential!:thumbup1:

At the very minimum, straight guys could encourage their girlfriends to delve into his inner most being. Girls are always wanting guys to express their feelings more. This could be the perfect avenue and both parties could be the happier for it!
Why do my favorites always have to go to other sites, where I can't watch them?????????:mad:

Many of our favs from Broke Straight Boys now appear on other sites but it isn't financially practicable to subscribe to them all. I sub to Broke Straight Boys because it is good value for money with all the bonus sites. But I do get your point about Parker, he is hot and so is Jimmie who is also probably appearing on other sites.