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CBP: Nurse Rage & Marlin

Okay RRHill, a couple of weeks ago you said College Boy Physicals needed a young nurse.:001_tt1: This week we have Nurse Rage.

I am dying to know what you thought of this scene.:w00t:

I don't know what he thought or where all of these nurses are coming from. I for one am all for those kind of internships. I thought the scene was pretty good though... :thumbup:

I still keep wanting to see a hypnosis session scenerio or maybe a CPR class gone a wild. It is medical but maybe not a physical... :001_unsure:
Well, boys, the kid was nice, good looking, hung, with a super hard shaft and cockhead. The Nurse was handsome with nice long fingers, slendor build. He jerked of the kid with worthy intensity. But the kid, why couldn't he have slipped his left hand into the Nurses pants to pull and stroke his cock while he was getting taken care of. That seemed natural to me. I was dying to see the Nurse's package, looking for an anticipated nice sac of nuts and a to-remember generouos hard shaft. P.S. Stroking patients happen all the time.
re: P.S. Stroking patients happen all the time.

Hey nedrow1, are you speaking from experience? as giver or receiver? :)
kaal, a receiver. I try to give back . . . . and share . .. with appreciation ...
and satisfaction . .. togetherness.. .. so nice .... always look forward to those
ah, yes, to be so fortunate a patient. No wonder they tend to overstay their time in the hospital... :0 you're turning them into hypochondriacs, they're searching for a valid reason to retain their hospital bed. Maybe you should be on BCP, you're the classic scene that keeps people returning to the site...:001_tt2:
sorry, I misread nedrow1's remark...if he was the patient, then they would have been fighting over who gets to tend to him :)
Is it Christmas?

Oh... my fingers shake... did not watch this video yet...

Yeah, straight boys like nurses! And I like horny straight boys...

A dream is about to cum true, will get back to you Ms. K!


I meant a pretty young female nurse Ms. K. ...

Not a guy that thinks he's a girl.:crying:
To be more precise. I like woman, and have lesbian and straight girl friends. But I don’t have sex with them as I am gay.

Straight porn is all about the girl; most male models in straight porn are not attractive young guys at all!

Instead of these old doctors and gay nurses, I would prefer to see a pretty young female nurse. She would turn on a straight guy and make him hot as hell. But this time she is in charge… the boy gets dominated and groped.

Give me a 10! Like Zakk as a nurse... and if not available... a pretty girl would not disturb my libodo!
kaal, I mis-answered your question in that I translated the Dr/patient to my masseuses
who always strip naked with me naked on the table making for warm intimate touching and feelings for a wonderful and healthy massage. To reach around, under and up, with a warm handful makes the day. Next question.