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CBP Jordan

Ms. Kianna

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Apr 17, 2010
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I know that there are members that do not go for the whole tattooed look, but no one can disagree with the fact that Jordan is HOT. I am totally buying, the angel wings.:001_tt1:

I really liked this one, and hope he comes back.:thumbup:
Gotta agree with you there, Ms. K. And yes, the tattoos do something for me. (Of course, I may be a tad biased since Josh (my son) is a tattoo artist, and I sport some of his earliest ink.) I agree too that I would like to see more of Jordan on the Futon. [For some reason, that last phrase sounds like a great book title or a romantic getaway]. LOL! I tell ya'll what tho', he made my pulse speed up and my blood pressure spike!!!
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For the kid to ink himself up like that indicates other things. But, for me, Dr. Fingerfuck has lost his touch. By the time the kid grabbed his own cock to jerk off, then, with Fingerfuck reaching in with that rubber gloved right hand. . . . what a way to jerk somebody off. Who needs that. The scene and the performance exhausted me. I clicked off before the cum shot. The way to get the kid back on the straight and narrow is to give him a super highpowered sucking blow job that he'd never forget while fingering his awaiting butt hole. That's the way you take care of migranes -- with your locked lipes and bare hands. Let's get real. Enough of this play-acting.
Frankly, boys, if what happened to Jordon happened to me in a Dr.'s office, for his unmitigated ineptness I'd fire the Dr. and then write him up with a depictive letter to the AMA. That would take care of him for awhile.
Jordan's pretty hot, I especially love the tattoos. I hope we get to see more of him!
soccer anyone?

Jordan will be back....

Cool. He's like a micro-mini Beckham, but with brains. He's surely noticed the resemblance looking in the mirror:thumbup:


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The boy in this vid is very hot and I liked the way it was done.

I have been tempted many times since high school to get inked but I always chickened out. Part of it was that I could never settle on a design that I really loved, and could live with for the rest of my life.

And part of the reason that I haven't gotten any tats is because I'm beginning to feel it's a fad, especially a gay fad. I have a feeling many guys will someday aregret what they did to their body.

I think of other fads that apparently seemed cool at the time but now might look silly or even weird. My parents still have some clothing articles in the closet from the 80s. You know, all that thick shoulder pad stuff. The pull that stuff out just for laughs sometimes. It's a hoot. Well they can just toss the Miami Vice jackets in the trash if they wanted to. But what can the guys who went a little overboard at the tattoo studio do in the year 2035?

It's just my opinion, but I feel one or two smaller tats can be beautiful works of art when done by a professional. I doubt such ink will be embarrassing in future years. But too much of it and you might as well glue that old leisure suit to ur bod. lol
Personally, I like tats, and I thought Jordan was a real hottie. Ture, Eddie (the good doctor) does seem to have lost his touch. I think the whole scene could have been done a bit more erotic. But, the boy himself was hot and I'd lvoe to see him again, but on the futon, as opposed to the doctor's office. Just saying.
We will soon be introducing a new nurse and Doctor Cooper will be returning back and a few surprises along the way!