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CBP: Dr. Sean & Ashton


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Jan 5, 2009
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Dr. Sean is hot, as is Ashton. Nice video. Ask Sean if would like to be on the forum with a fan thread, like Michael.
I wasn't into this video at all. I think Ashton appeared drunk or high! why were his eyes all freaky when he was taking off his pants..sorry this was a huge disappointment :(

the only good part was the end when he said he was mostly straight..that was good news. :)
Ashton What's up with you?

I really like Ashton, and was looking foward to this session. However, I too thought that Ashton, was, to be nice,"out of sorts." It seemed that Sean noticed it too. Instead of Ashton's likeable personality, he seemed rude and unpleasant. Sorry Sean had to put up with such behavior.

I would love to see Ashton again, because he seemed sexually adventurous
like Nelson, and hoped he would try some kinky stuff, but, as far as I'm concerned, he can't be back unless he changes his attitude. Please change, Ashton!
Ashton was either stoned or on something that is the letter before Y in the alphabet. I'd like to see him on the futon where he could really make some magic.