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CBP: Doctor Geo and Brody


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Nov 2, 2008
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leeds england
Really enjoyed this weeks episode. The new Doctor is pretty hot as his our new patient Brody. Plenty of horny fun in this scene.
Definitely one of the better updates. I sure wish my doctors were so proactive and ready to please.

Round #2 is disappointing

Seems like the patient couldn't get it up to give us a cum shot for his Round #2 sequel. Also, if he ever wants to get cured from his sore throat, the doctor needs a little refresher anatomy lesson to be sure! We have already realized that the patient can get all the ass fucking in the world, butt maybe the root of his complaint is needing some creamy "magic sauce" to get that warm feeling again deep inside.:smiley-sex011:

It is such a shame to watch so much ass pounding and then wind up short-changed, saying at the end, So???:confused1: I think we need to demand our money back on this dud!


I see what your saying stimpy, but sometimes I like watching a hot top be aggressive and not caring what the bottom is doing. I like this new Dr, please retire some of the old ones!!
Hey guys, I agree whole heartedly on the good doctor, I don't know yet about Brody, maybe after the next update with him I'll know better. Of course that all depends on if there is another one in the can. (Not Navy for latrine)