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Calling Dr Phingerphuk, calling Dr Phingerphuk


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Jun 20, 2009
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David, what have you done with that hot sexy Dr Phingerphuk?????????????
I miss him, :cursing:
Have you sent him on holiday?? maybe sent him on a tour of the worlds top 100 golf courses
Has he gone back to private care??
The good Doctor has left a gaping hole :scared: ( well not a gaping hole in that way :blush: )
He was VERY good in his knowledge of the "toys" he used on the guys, methinks the good doctor may have had some out of hours practice.:thumbup:
PLEASE..................... pretty please can you get him back, try him on his pager.

Oh and while I am on it, Dr Dallas????? cute guy, nice dick and body but really needed to have been forced over the gurney and fucked to an inch of his life by a mega hung student.
Didn't really do it for me.
Dr. Phingerphuk will be back soon. I'm testing out new Doctors. I come to the conclusion we are just keeping Dr.Topinbotom (Sean), Dr. Rimmerman, Dr. Phingerphuk and myself as Dr. Dick (but I'm trying to loose weight before I make my next appereance :) You know the camera adds 100lbs to my gurly figure....LOL
I liked Dr. James. Will he be back?
David, dont put your self down mate.
Mind you if you want to do a bit of weight loss here is a tip I try.
Miss out one meal a day and get your lips around a nice dick and have a protein shake instead.
And talking of sucking dick are we going to see you in more ways than one??? get them scrubs off and get in there, fill ya boots, Dr Dick should get a bit more than a hand play, hey how about a new site, you doing Broke Straight Boys Casting Couch ?? get more involved David.. get your kit off mate.
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To tell you the truth..I am bit shy infront of the camera. Perhaps on the new Boy Gusher.com site that will be launching soon, I will try some sucking :)
Thats it, go for it David.
If your paying the guys anyway you might as well get your moneys worth.
Pretend its a rehearsal ;)
Dr Dick is going for it......Yeah...!!!!!
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Hey David:
I take it from your comments, Dr. Dallas won't be back. He is really a beautiful guy. A little too quiet but very hot. What's his story??
Do you remember on Friends when they showed the home video of before Monica lost her weight? After she said that the camera added fifty pounds, someone asked how many cameras were on her then? I think of that every time I catch sight of myself on the CCTV system at work...