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California Jake


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Aug 13, 2011
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Bring back this little hot stallion. I'd love to see him again. He was not only sooooo cute and adorable, he wasn't shy at pushing the boundaries and experimenting more and more. That boy was so sweet.......please bring him back!!!!!
I agree with radfan.
I think Jake was sweet. Him being so quiet was charming. It was his first time.
Not that I'm a fan of solos by no means. But....I would like to see him together with someone. Chad and Darren are both really chill guys. Thy might make him comfortable.
Don't want to scare him off now....
I am not a fan of a hypospadias...I didn't even see the cum shot, just a slow build up of cum in his hand. I understand that they are apart of life and see enough in my working life but I don't enjoy seeing them in my porn. Sorry but prefer not to see another Jake vid. But good luck Jake in whatever you plan to do and hopefully your financial constraints improve. :)