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BSB Pairings


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Feb 3, 2011
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New York, NY
I've thought about this for a while now, and if it's not some kind of company secret I'd really like to know.

How does the Broke Straight Boys pair models for a particular shoot?

Does the director have 2 boys in mind who he believes will work well together?

Or are the models given options for them to choose from? For instance if an anal scene is planned, is a model told he can pick option a, b, or c?,

When a new hottie arrives, do other models whisper in the ear of the director, "I want to do a shoot with him?" I would. lol

We all have our own tastes and preferences. So are the models assigned to other models with no input? I would imagine that could make at least some of the shoots come out flat.

I'm sure I couldn't perform with just anyone. But considering that at least some of these models are straight, it makes me even more curious.
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Obviously, I'm unable to answer your questions as I have wondered the same.

But, what's up with the latest update...? Hell, I guess I would be welcomed on the futon...
Hi Castrol,

Yes, I'm sure a lot of site members would like to know. Obviously most of us have no way of knowing. However I sense that some of the "forumites" have personal knowledge of the Broke Straight Boys studio, personell and models down there.

As I said in the opening of this thread, I don't expect (or want) Broke Straight Boys to divulge any company secrets. And I suppose some models are willing to work with anyone assigned to them.

But I also suppose even some totally straight models who only perform gay sex for pay will, for instance, insist on performing with a smooth twink over a big macho-man.

We've heard David say many times when he spoke with the models on the phone before a shoot so a little insider info would be sweet. Maybe even a "behind-the-scenes" vid on this?
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Sometimes its hot to see guys that are compatable or you would think are a natural match. It is also hot to put guys together that are VERY VERY different and left on its own woud never happen.
I've wondered this too. I would guess in most cases it was on Dave or someone at D&E playing a porn pairing Yente? I have to think, that at least the "regulars" got some say. Anyone else picturing Tyler sitting at the desk seeing a new guy come in for a solo, and then off to Dave to say "Hey can my next shoot be with him?" LOL And on the flip side, maybe Dave is like, hey, I put you in a scene/s with hottie model x, so I need you to return the favor and do a scene with model z who you can't stand. LOL