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BSB 4ORGY- love American-boy Style


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Jun 13, 2011
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Broke Straight Boys has crossed the Rubicon with nearly flawless 4ORGY in tone and setting.
Flawless understated not one was trying to "steal" the scene with overly-macho babble
Ian Brody Ronan Kennedy and the Hardyboy performed as an finely tuned turned-on by one another team
Ian offering up his sweet two-toned ass to Brody was a fine gesture of buddy-hood.but the best part was when Ian twisted to embrace Brody and kiss him while encouraging him to plow him deeper as he re-positioned to allow brody to get more depth with insertions
Then the RonIan fuck-duo was just great as Ian opened wide to allow Ronan Kennedy with his superhot glint of lust in his eye with his shaggy mop of hair to go deep with gusto
Hardyboy gave Brody a refresher on good head
Finally Brody and Ronan Kennedy making out like the lustful stud-pups they are while Brody got his hole teased by Ronan Kennedy's proud-prick
Ian getting investigated by the Hardyboy was a fine fuck-session
Again there was no excess chatter no ordering around the boys just performed as fuck-buddies in an everyday situation that turned super-sexual -- pure all-American fun!!!
Broke Straight Boys thanks and Ian Brody Ronan Kennedy Hardyboy - you all deserve a Best Scene Instant Classic Award from the AustinFilm Festival.
This is an Instant Classic and it offered teases for a future Brody rides Ronan Kennedy plus more RonIan scenes in differing locations or all four guys fuck in various places.
Only flaw: always show Ronan Kennedy's hot ass uncovered when he is fucking as his lithe body is angelic-in-motion