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Nov 14, 2008
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Benicia, CA
As I was contemplating why a lot of Gays like to see straight boys do gay sex, a funny thought struck me: Would straight boys watch Gay boys do straight sex and pay for the privilege? If they do, I would like to know under what circumstances would this happen? What would motivated a straight guy to watch a gay guy do straight sex?:wink:
I think chicks with dicks sometimes get straightish boys perky. Maybe two pretty, really well hung "girls" in a hot, sisterly flipflop would do the trick?
I don't think str8 guys are motivated by the male component of str8 porn, so I'm sure they wouldn't care about watching it. They would watch broke str8 girls doing lesbian stuff quicker.
Yeah, I really don't think so. There are two basic reasons that gay guys like to watch straight guys having gay sex.

1) We get to see the people we're attracted to (guys).
2) We get to fantasize about having something that we (usually) can't have in real life.

(We watch them have sex with each other and fantasize that it could be us instead.)
Straight guys get into watching two girls (not necessarily lesbians) for the same reason.

If anyone might enjoy watching gay guys have straight sex, it would be straight women. They could fantasize about turning gay guys - which (usually) doesn't happen.

I think straight guys get horny watching ANYONE have sex. But, would they pay for the privilege of watching gay guys have straight sex? I don't think so, but I could be wrong. After all, men are such horn dogs.

It goes back to men just being easier and quicker to excite, than women. Which is why men tend to cheat on their partners, faster than women. Its not because its a guy turning them on, what turns them on is the realization that sex is going on. Men are just more easily excited. I experimented with this as far back as in college, in the dorms, trust me, guys get turned on by even the hint of sex going on. Again, not because its a guy, but because its sex. Men live for sex. the whole porn industry has evolved because men love sex. In the beginning, there were just books that men read to get off. IN the era of World WAr II, pictures of girls provided men with their fantasies, that was the era of the "pin-up girls". Then in the 50's, magazines came out, and the "girlie magazine" became all the rage for horny men everywhere. Many older forumites might remember finding their father's magazines secretly stashed away somewhere. IN the late 60's early 70's the Beta tapes caMe out and served as the beginning of the porn industry as we know it today. Porn has been around a long time, and it is precisely because men are so easily turned on, that porn has been so successful.
Men are just more easily excited. I experimented with this as far back as in college, in the dorms, trust me, guys get turned on by even the hint of sex going on. Again, not because its a guy, but because its sex. Men live for sex.
Hi JLipps. Speaking of your experimentation in college with straight guys who are basically horn dogs, always looking for a way to get off, didn't you once mention that you had some stories to share with us, about those days of innocent straight college boys with hardon's looking for a way to get off?

If you still feel like sharing, I still feel like reading, and I bet your stories would help this "older horn dog man" get off too. :001_tt2:

Thanks dude. Great to be reading your posts again. :thumbup:

Thanks buddy. As you may recall, I was banned for awhile and was therefore a bit reticent to post anything upon my return. It is nice to see some of the long time posters back here as well, Stimpy, Undie, and Marky.

As for my stories, I haVe not forgotten. I have just had an incredibly busy year, and it will continue to be so, until the end of this semester (school), I hope to finally have time to start to write again over the holidays. I have written a couple of stories that I have not posted until I complete the series. When I complete the series I will post it as, "the Grocery Store Chronicles". Stay tuned Mikey, they are coming. Thanks for your patience and your support.
Men are visually stimulated much more than women. A lot of it is verbal and otherwise mental with girls. One of my cousins in the deep south had a horse farm he'd inherited from his grandfather and once invited all the males in the family (which was all of us since no one had any sisters) to come out for mint juleps and a show. The show was a stallion servicing a mare, and we all got turned on. It was very complicated with lots of bridling and bucking and ears laid back and snorting. Once the mare was mounted a groom had to help the big boy get his very ugly but totally amazing dick into the mare, which was a dangerous operation since the stallion was very turned on and beside himself with nerves. If you stopped to think about it, which I did, that orgasm must have been mindbending with all those square feet of nerve endings. Afterwards we all had a couple of juleps more and went home. I'm not into bestiality at all, but Cousin Alec recognized that two horses fucking is quite a thing to see, and I think we agreed and thanked him before we left. When the wives and gfs were told they said we were brainless and depraved. They just didn't get it at all. I'm not sure I should post this though. Oh what the hell. It's Saturday, no one's gonna read it.
As for my stories, I have not forgotten. I have just had an incredibly busy year, and it will continue to be so, until the end of this semester (school), I hope to finally have time to start to write again over the holidays. I have written a couple of stories that I have not posted until I complete the series. When I complete the series I will post it as, "the Grocery Store Chronicles". Stay tuned Mikey, they are coming. Thanks for your patience and your support.

We are very glad you are back with us JLipps. :thumbup1: The release of your stories is something that all of us in Forumland can look forward to with great antici......pation. LOL I'm sure your stories will be awesome. Of course your school work must take priority.
The mere spectacle of it all!

I think chicks with dicks sometimes get straightish boys perky. Maybe two pretty, really well hung "girls" in a hot, sisterly flipflop would do the trick?

Dear Slim,

Normally I find girl-on-girl action VERY BORRING and a perfect remedy for insomnia. But, in a very perverse way, just like our straight brethren, I find Chicks with dicks a turn on for me too seeing two usually mutually exclusive features(dick with tits) all together in the same package in the same shot. That should rate more than double when two chicks with dicks are teamed up in a flipflop in the same sex scene. It has to be interesting to watch and see exactly where they spew their load in comparison to two guys.

Sincerely "Boner-fied",


What a fabulous story! Of course we are gonna read it, Saturday, or not! Thanks for sharing that julep tidbit!
I think there are significant numbers of us who find that watching guys have *hot* sex is hot.

Personally, I find watching guys who are obviously hating it very boring and even difficult.

I think a lot of the fantasy for some of us is to have a believable straight guy still somehow secretly enjoy it, and get into a certain zone, when he's participating in gay sex even though he would normally never do that outside a specific scenario such as a porn shoot where he's getting paid and he has a motivation to do it (quick cash to get his car fixed, pay rent, etc).

There is a site called Jake Cruise's SG4GE Straight Guys For Gay Eyes website that normally features straight and bi guys fucking girls, focusing most of the camera attention on the guys instead of the girls. There is one scene on there that is actually pretty hot in my opinion. It's an openly *gay* guy, who has sex with two girls. He freely admits that he's totally gay, but he comes into the scene with a very open mind, and seems to really be enjoying himself. He is extremely passionate with both girls, kissing them both almost constantly and he fucks them both sans condom. If you didn't know better, you would swear he's straight because he's very straight acting, his dick stays rock hard throughout the entire scene, and he is very passionate and seems really into it with them. But after it's over, he laughs about it and says that yes, he's still gay. But to me there was something really hot about watching this normally gay male enjoying himself as he fucked both beautiful women.

There is another site, called StraightCollegeMen.com (known by many as SCM and I think they may have gone out of business) that features a lot of older material, primarily all of it features scene after scene of totally straight guys trying to have sex with each other. Unfortunately, they have completely limp dicks through each scenario, and they can barely get their dicks hard enough to cum at the end. Only with constant beating themselves off to get hard enough to manage a cum shot at the end are they able to achieve this. I have never found this to be even slightly erotic or hot, it's almost painful and depressing to watch. Because to me, even if the guys are 100% straight, completely limp dicks and obvious dis-taste at touching another man sexually is just not hot. You have to watch the older material on the site to see what I mean, the last couple years of production started using the same few models in every scene and it is pretty obvious that those guys are actually not totally straight even though they always claim they are which to me isn't even remotely believable. But in the older stuff, the guys totally are and you can tell they are almost nauseated at the idea of having to attempt to have sex with another guy. So what you see is scene after scene of completely limp dicks, and looks of pure disgust as they're trying to suck the other guy's completely limp dick.

I tend to find scenes featuring two obviously gay boys going at it pretty boring too. If both guys are completely effeminate and wearing skinny jeans and such, I personally tune out immediately because the element of believable straight guys is not there.

I also lose all interest in a bottom for the most part, once a guy starts being on the receiving end of fucking my focus tends to go to his partner who is fucking him. While I can still find a bottom totally hot physically, he becomes a necessary element in a gay porn shoot but I typically don't find him stimulating or sexy (a rare exception would be Mick, because of his amazing personality. Mick is exceptional because to me he's still able to pull it off because he is tough, quiet, and I imagine him doing whatever it takes to complete his mission whether he is enjoying himself or not).

There is a fine line between a straight man actually enjoying gay sex, and tolerating it. Personally, my favorite is when the straight man can get into it and enjoy himself, although reluctantly. In terms of performing certain gay acts such as getting his dick sucked, and fucking. Possibly doing some sucking himself, as long as it doesn't become a regular thing and he doesn't start enjoying it too much. Personally, I always thought that Mike Robbins seemed to enjoy sucking cock. He appeared to get turned on by it, and I think that is why I didn't like that he wouldn't do more, at least kissing. I was always totally fine with him not bottoming, but would have rather seen him do everything else though. If he would have just done some kissing in one of his scenes, he would have become one of my favorite Broke Straight Boys 1.0 performers. For these reasons I actually loved Dustin, until he started getting visibly fat and somewhat unattractive. Dustin never once bottomed, so he was totally believable to me as being straight. And, he was passionate at times even kissing spontaneously when making love with someone he appeared to care about, and have a connection with (i.e. Nelson). But Dustin was otherwise very distant, aloof, etc and NEVER bottomed. RIP Dustin and Mike.

But with guys like Leon (Broke Straight Boys 1.0) I just couldn't get past his what I perceived to be, obvious gayness in spite of his claims that he was straight. I tend to completely disregard a guy's words when he talks about being straight if he's not believable to me. And this is just me only, but in porn, not believably straight = not hot.

I think a site like Broke Gay Boys could be pulled off, *if* the sex was totally erotic and hot. It could also potentially bring in more memberships to Broke Straight Boys, College Dudes, etc. if it's in the same network of sites. If it ended up being like a gay version of Straight College Men, where the guys are so obviously not into sex with the girls and can't get their dicks hard, it would be really boring and I'm guessing people would tune out in droves. BUT, if they were to put guys in the scenes who portray themselves as gay...but in reality are bi...then it could be really hot if they are loving the sex. And, they could also bring in totally straight guys too (i.e. Jimmy) to fuck the girls, perhaps to "break in" the gay boys, and show them how it's done lol! :sneaky2:

One of the things I always enjoyed about the Corbin Fisher sites (which I don't currently subscribe to) was watching these supposedly straight guys having sex with each other on Amateur College Men, and then also having hot sex with the girls on the companion site, Amateur College Sex. It was believable while watching them have sex with *both*, girls and guys. But in reality, I'm sure those guys who perform on both sites are actually bi. They basically do everything. They fuck both girls and guys, get fucked, suck, get sucked, you name it. You can always tell the guys who are totally gay in real life (even though they claim they're straight on ACM), because they never have any straight sex scenes on ACS. And conversely, there are some models who have lots of sex with girls on the ACS site, but have zero action scenes on ACM (although most of them have a solo jack off scene on ACM, to whet your appetite in hopes they will have some gay action scenes forthcoming).

But the truth of the matter is that there is only so much content you can film with any given model. If he is unwilling, or unable to perform straight sex with a girl, you won't be able to use him. In order for a site to work, you have to have enough scenarios and models to keep pumping out at least one new scene every week, not featuring the same two people more than twice. That's not easy! And when the monthly production costs to keep putting out new material runs about what an average person's annual salary is, you have to also have more members and rebills than you're paying out. So if you pay $50,000 per month to produce Broke Gay Boys, you have to have over 2,500 renewing memberships at $19.95 per month at any given time just to break even!

I would imagine it's a huge gamble starting a new site, because if you don't get enough new subscriptions or have too many people cancel, you are in the red. And honestly, I know a lot of totally gay porn consumers who have no desire to watch a man fuck a woman. I also know of a few straight girls who enjoy watching gay male sex, but have no desire to watch the guys have sex with another girl. And it would be such a niche that it's unlikely many straight guys would join, even though the guys are actually having sex with girls.

There's also logistics to consider. In 99% of current straight porn, they have unprotected sex. Most straight porn consumers hate watching protected sex, and tune out once they see a condom being put on. In gay porn, safe sex has become the norm on most paysites. It's simply way too expensive to do all the required testing in order to produce bareback sex (even though many porn consumers LOVE watching it).

Would a predominately gay or at least gay friendly audience be receptive to suddenly watching unprotective sex? And if so, would they start demanding more bareback sex on the gay sites. I'm guessing, yes. And if the straight sex was going to just be protected, why would people join and renew if they can see lots of unprotected sex going on at all the straight sex porn sites.

So long story short, if such a site were to be created, I would join in a heartbeat. But would there be enough people like me to make it successful and make a profit.

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