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Broke College Boys

Thanks Mark. Will do and I'll make that one of my birthday gifts to myself this year since my birthday is tomorrow, the 13th.

Thanks JLipps4u. Happy early birthday to you. Hope you have a great one. Anything special planned?

This site is looking more and more appealing lately. I just cancelled my membership to another site so I could join this one on Friday ;)

Who else belongs to both? Which videos should I check out first?
The Nate/Hunter vid is awesome. Nate is fantastic. Probably my favorite model of the site is Nate. Caleb's vids are very good. Hunter is great! Blake (2) also does some great work. And is thought of very highly by other models who rave about what a great guy he is. Aaron's vids are quite good. Kenneth is a total sweetheart. Blake(1) is adorable and has one of the most beautiful and uniquely shaped dicks I've ever seen. His eyes and smile are dreamy. Justin... OMG! Donovan... Wow!

There's several very good models and I'm sure I'll accidentally leave out a few. Not every vid is a home run of course. But there are many that are very good. And there is passion and kissing!

Boy Gusher is very good considering it is a free bonus site. With a little more time and content built up it could almost become an anchor site in its own right. It has some real gems in there too. I even like the bonus site Asslick Boys. I don't care for the name but the videos are pretty good. And on the Papi.com bonus site you will see some old favorites like Austin, Aiden (the hunk from Jaime and Aiden), along with a few other familiar faces.
Mark, I am having problems signing in for the first time to Boy Alley, one of the bonus sites through College Dudes.
I get the Authentication Requested window.
User name and password are being requested by http://members.boyalley.com. The site says: Totally Unzipped members.
Then it kicks me back to the same above window asking me to furnish user name and password.
Any suggestions, or is this a glitch in the website?

Thanks, Gary