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Broke College Boys - Tristen and Branson


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Nov 1, 2008
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I just watched this scene. I found it a yawn fest. :crying: The site description states that both these guys are bi, so you expect that they will really get into the sex with each other, from start to finish! Quite the opposite.

Both guys had wood problems, and Branson could pass more for a college professor than a broke college student. Not that he's ugly, he's not at all but he definitely looks to be in his 30's, not a young and broke college student.

So once the action finally gets started, Tristen pulls Branson's shorts and underwear down to reveal his completely limp dick. He has to suck for quite awhile before Branson starts getting hard. Then Branson does the same with Tristen, and pulls his shorts down to reveal a completely limp dick which he starts sucking.

Then to make matters worse, they both end up just jacking themselves off instead of cumming into each others' mouths or fucking! BORING. Branson cums first after jacking himself off while facing Tristen, then is sent off to the shower and leaves poor Tristen there all by himself to complete the job of jacking off before he finally cums too.

I could understand if this scene was a freebie update (not included as the week's ONLY update) to introduce two new guys to the members, but come on. The scene starts really slow with both these guys having completely limp dicks which takes a lot of sucking before they finally start getting hard, and ends with them just jacking themselves off.

Two of the worse rules that should NEVER be broken on a gay paysite have happened here, which by the way has contributed to me unsubscribing from College Dudes:

1. NEVER allow limp dicks in a scene, unless it's before any action starts or after you've cum

2. NEVER, EVER finish an action scene off with jacking off! NEVER EVER EVER should jacking off to cum be allowed in an action scene! Whether it's jacking themselves off, or jacking each other off. Jacking off is NOT hot to watch! It's only acceptable if done as a free update scene to introduce a new guy, but NEVER is jacking off to cumming acceptable in an action scene.

I gave the scene a 1, and I see that its overall rating is holding steady at a 1.5, which is no surprise. Now we have to wait an entire week for another update, hopefully it will be much hotter than this one and the last one was!

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Sorry guys, I watched bcb on a friends pc, he's a member of that site and to be honest I am SOOOOO glad I did not pay to watch it. its tame and hard to believe .
Maybe if it was a free site on Broke Straight Boys then ok.
sorry but it just does not do it for me.
At risk of encouraging people to unload a bunch of negative rants, can you tell us and Mark what you like and don't like about it? And how they could make it better? I know they are trying very hard to make it a successful site. Mark is spending loads of time and bunches of money trying to get it up and running. So they could really use the input to help the site get its footing. Suggestions from people who have joined the site or seen it could be helpful in steering them towards a winning formula.

The site IS in its infancy so it has plenty of time to evolve and improve yet. Mark is a capable guy so I wouldn't count the site down and out.
Here are my suggestions for improvement on this particular scene.

Think of us paying members as tv viewers armed with a remote control. As with any new show that we are watching when it's just hit the airwaves, we get bored with it easily and change the channel at the first hint of boredom or annoyance never to come back again. Unfortunately most new shows are cancelled before a full season is even run through, because the ratings have plummeted before they could even take off. It takes awhile for people to get attached to a particular show (or paysite), and until we do we tend to tune to something else (or cancel) at the drop of a hat. When a paysite is only able to do updates once a week, you must make every scene so hot and fun to watch we will all be waiting in eager anticipation and with bated breath for the next update to come out!

I was so annoyed with this Tristen and Branson scene that I went in and cancelled my membership to the site! Not that the scene was horrendous or bad, but it was really boring and lacked any excitement or passion whatsoever. When you have two guys in the scene who both tell us they're bi, we expect to see them loving the sex and really getting into it, and into each other. We also expect them to have sex, and to cum by having sex with each other -- not ending the scene with them each just sitting on a chair, jacking off! We don't expect to see them both so bored with the whole thing and not into each other that neither one of them can get an erection, until a long time is spent sucking each other's dicks before they can finally start getting hard.

A limp dick = boring and a complete waste of time downloading or watching. The limp dicks are made worse by the fact that these guys end up just jacking off while sitting across from each other. Yawn. After Branson finally cums after jacking himself off, he leaves the room and leaves Tristen in there to finish alone. Double yawn, and how un-erotic! Could they have been any less into each other and bored with the whole thing? They both acted like they would have had more fun jacking off on a chair facing a blank wall than being with each other. I think I would rather watch paint dry!

I cannot stress enough that when there is a new start-up site with limited content, you must make each scene count! Without tons of other scenes to download and watch, and nothing new coming for another week after a really boring scene, new members like myself simply unsubscribe -- or 'change the channel' -- like I did.

First impressions are extremely important!

As I mentioned in my initial post regarding this scene, I think that limp dicks should simply not be allowed or included. I understand that you can't control whether a guy gets hard or not, but I'm sure it goes without saying that a limp dick is definitely a scene killer in porn. If a guy can't get it up, his scene should be scrapped or at least re-done until he can get it up. If he never can, unfortunately he needs to go. Especially when these guys both tell us they're bi sexual!!!!! I think it's hotter watching the Broke Straight Boys scenes, because there we get the added excitement of seeing the straight dudes do a lot more with each other, and they seem to get more turned on than these two walking yawn factories did! I understand there is a huge expense involved in scrapping a scene before it ever makes it into the can, but I think it's more important to only offer top notch, high quality scenes for your new members to enjoy because if the scene is boring or worse yet *annoying* due to all the hype only to be let down with a scene like this one was, your members are going to drop like flies. Speaking of hype, the scene description as written on the site is like the complete opposite of what my perception was. The scene description talks about how when Branson "...pulled his shorts off we got to see that he is blessed." What *I* saw when he pulled his shorts off was a completely limp, not particularly large dick. Later, the scene description talks about how these guys are giving each other oral, and how "If that doesn't turn you on, then I'm not sure what is wrong with you." My perception was two guys trying to get their dicks hard enough so they can finally start jacking off in front of the camera, and they didn't even bother to suck on or lick each other's balls, do any kissing or cock worship, or anything at all hot. Just pre-scripted, pre-planned, sterilized oral sex before jacking off followed by Branson up and leaving the room right after he cums.

Perhaps a lot of it was all the hype regarding this new site, I was expecting hotter than hot content that was ir-resistable to watch. Of course that was an unrealistic expectation on my part, and I'm sure that once there is a lot more content on the site, the hot scenes will help make up for the boring ones.

But with only one update per week, we expect every scene to be extremely hot, fresh, and unforgettable. Limp dicks and scenes that end with the guys just jacking off on a chair are very forgettable and downright annoying.

I think there also needs to be an element of believability in the scenes as well. True this is a fantasy site like most are, but a common thread of believability is still important throughout. When the site is called College Dudes, we expect to see each of the scene participants as guys who are believable as college students. While both Branson and Tristen are both very hot and good looking, Branson is not believable as a college student in my opinion. The site description states both he and Tristen are 23, but he just looks too old for that. He could maybe pass for a PhD grad student who started college several years late and is finishing up his dissertation after taking several years off between college and graduate school, but he is just not believable as 23, nor as a "broke College Dudes". He appears to be in his late 20's or perhaps even his mid 30's, so we have broken the thread of believability as it relates to the theme, or feel of the site. I doubt that Branson has been carded at any liquor store for a good 10 years or so lol. Again, please don't take this as an insult against Branson, like I said he's very hot and good looking. But I don't think he is believable posing as a broke college boy. And then compounded with both his and Tristen's initial impotence, followed by their limited sexual interaction which is finished off by them simply jacking off then Branson leaving Tristen to his own devices after he has cum and is sent off to the shower, I was very disappointed and annoyed. This was really nothing more than a simple jackoff scene, with some fluffing before they started so the two guys could finally get their dicks hard!

I will say that I love the HD filming of the scenes, that's a huge plus. But I would definitely start stock piling scenes and doing as much filming as possible with as many new guys as you can to reduce the boredom that a lot of us may start feeling if there is initial over-exposure of any particular model. And the two most important points of this entire post, in my opinion, are as follows:

1. Be sure that any scenes that feature guys with prominent impotence issues are not rolled out to the viewers, especially at first when the site is so new.

2. Avoid jack off scenes at all costs! Members always hate jack off scenes, we find them boring and downright irritating. As I mentioned earlier, jack off scenes are acceptable to introduce a new guy to the viewers, but even then it's only acceptable if the site is doing at least two updates per week and the next update must be a full action scene. Two guys jacking themselves off, even though there was a bit of (boring) oral sex after both completely limp dicks is really nothing more than fluffing in my opinion, and is completely unacceptable. Obviously it's fine for the guys to finish themselves off by jacking off when they're fucking, getting fucked, or getting a blow job, but jacking off should ALWAYS be limited to the starter and/or the finisher but never the main event in an action scene!!!!!!

Of course no site is going to be able to offer nothing but 100% red hot scenes 100% of the time, but at least wait to bring out the more boring and annoying/unexciting stuff until after you've developed the site more and have lots more content for your members to choose from.

The above comments, suggestions, and feedback is my opinion only. I hope I wasn't too harsh in my assessment of Tristen and Branson's scene, but it's definitely my honest opinion and I hope I didn't hurt your feelings Mark, because that was certainly not my intent. Just trying to give you my thoughts on what I'd love to see improved upon.