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Broke Asian Boys - PLEASE :)


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Aug 12, 2009
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would love to see some HOT asian boys paired with some of the totally hot guys here already... please!!
Asian boys really don't apply..I don't know why (hey that rhymes). We really don't get much applications of Asian boys or guys...I've been doing this business now for 8 years and we most likely got about 3 applications and 2 of them we hired...Zak was one of them and the new Asian boy that will be appearing on College Boy Physicals is the 3rd Asian that ever applied.
I have a good friend from Singapore that goes to Harvard. It is the culture. Even their porns blur out the private parts. I dont know if it is fear of government or what but the openness to sex is no where near ours.

Ok so it wasn't my usual smartass answer but i do have a mind you know. lol
I am a HUGE fan of Asian guys. I was lucky enough to date a 22 year old Asian guy for about a a year and a half a couple of years ago. Perfect body and the most perfect cock. Not huge by any means. He was just a tad less then 6 inches hard, but still, it was SO perfect in shape and one you could enjoy all night long and not get tired of sucking it. He also shot an amazing volume in his load. He graduated and went on to a job in California and I really miss him. I have to admit, I do enjoy watching Asian guys on X-Tube. Like my guy Sean, most have perfect bodies and while they too don't always have massive tools, they are so damn hot. I have also noticed on X-Tube, these Asian guys, again just like my guy, shoot a WAY above average volume of cum. Way more then the white or Hispanics guys. I don't know why, it's just the way it is! I enjoyed every drop from Sean. He was a very sweet guy and I miss him. Our half Phillipino friend here on Broke Straight Boys Zakk. DAMN he is so beautiful! And like he said in his first video, he has a 100% white guy cock. Well he is on the "top end" size wise of the average white guy! What an awesome face, and body on that boy too! I love both Zakk & Kyler. Anyway, I can't wait to see the Asian guy David has picked for us!