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Bouns Sites problems!!!!


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Jul 10, 2011
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Boysfirsttime videos are up but u can't stream or download them, This is not the first time this has happened. If we won't be able to do so then we should of been givin a notice or something just to let us know.

Now with videoboys, it takes forever for an update to be put up. The update says it was put there on the 13, however that is not true because the latest video that is up there now was put up 2 week ago not on the 13. now i checked out the main site any they MANY NEW videos up and none of those have been used in the update box. I really wish when they put an update up they don't lie like they have been and say it's new when it's been up for a while allready.

I hope this is going to be fix because this is getting me fucking pissed. I have posted about this once or twice berfore along with others and not one word from this site has been said to any of us.:cursing:
AMEN GUYS!!!!!! I absolutely will NOT watch that site anymore!! It was bad enuff in 3 10 or so minute format!!!!
I know that the bonus sites are out of the direct control of blue media, but all of the (bonus sites) are used in the ads for Broke Straight Boys and the other sites of blue media, so the entent is to draw the viewer in, well blue media your ads are false, whitch would mean another f word be used, fraud....I m just looking for a reason you have let your site slip, it was a fav of mine....anyone else have their two cent to add....
I have also conplained about the not so bonus sites, its always fallen on deaf ears, with the boys first time you can only watch them in there 1 min. format, who wants to down load 22 to25 one minute scenes, talk about a pain....

I see at the top of each episodes, 3 parts to download.
On boys first time, the last 2 up dates did not come with the 3 part option, only the one minute scene option. I like boys first time, if it would come back with at least the 3 part option....I can say that all the bonus sites were up dated on a regular basis except the JO site, the name escapes me, I never said I hated them, but with a little correction Broke Straight Boys could be even better....The Boy JO site could be removed, it looks like it will never be up dated again, so why keep it? Broke Straight Boys take what we say with love, we just want our fav site to be the best...RL
The Boy JO site could be removed, it looks like it will never be up dated again, so why keep it? Broke Straight Boys take what we say with love, we just want our fav site to be the best...RL

Simply because it's free, even if it's not updated anymore, it still has 100s of episodes and new members might like to watch them. As for Amateur Boys first time, unfortunately, this is not our site, so we can't do anything about it. But what we can do is email them and let them know so that hopefully they do something about it.
As of now since boys first time has changed it's format it is now silver light and I have had no problem what so ever with the site so Mark please leave it alone you you can't please all. Most of us no that they are a third party sites with you not having direct control all you can do is pass it on to the site operators so thanks for having the bonus sites
I thought I could express my opinion,and or thoughts here...
3rd party sites aside, this site has represented it self with the 3rd party sites, I am happy to have any free content....I will never view BFT again, but that is O.K. That is my choice....I ve been a member for awhile now....so Ill just go to the background.
Have fun and be safe.....
I just wish this site will get their shit together. Thix is run half-ass site and only has excuses. they should take care of all parts of this sites including the bonus sites as well. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just blunt.
i really like bft but dont like not being able to use the 3 part download option but i still really love the archive footage
as a member of reality king's boys first time site, i can tell you that being able to download the entire video instead of the multiple files was the reason i stayed with the original site.
i perfered the one file over the three files that were provided to other sites such as Broke Straight Boys
now everyone gets the multiple file approach.
i am not happy and have made that known to the site management.
i, like mark pay for bft, but have no control over the sites management decisions.
i can stop being a member and accept that this is bft's future, just as mark could drop bft. however, but for the format presentation, bft offers some good scenes.
it is not my intent to intrude in an issue between forumites and management, i thought i would share my personal and direct experience with bft.