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Bobby and Colin


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Nov 14, 2008
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so cal
bobby and colin, what more can i say?
have lost my hearing, or did the bed stop singing?
I think we have reached a saturation point with superlatives to describe Bobby and Colin's performances. I'm afraid that too much of a good thing will begin to turn their scenes to banality and the mundane. We, the general audience, are finicky after a while even if presented with brillliance and superb performances.
This was a step back in the romance department. Two regular Joes who are friends with benefits. I could see Colin trying to do more in his head, but Bobby was all about the sex. Doggy has never been a favorite porn position for me mainly because it keeps the bodies separated unless the partners are inventive. Bobby was playing ride em cowboy. The side to side had potential, but Bobby chose to stay back, away from intimacy. But, for the kind of scene it was, it was pretty hot. I liked the way Bobby jumped right in to the BJ. It looked like he enjoyed it, and Colin was equally enthusiastic. I as well, appreciated that the bed did not squeak. And Clay did a nice job of shooting the scene. One little part of me wanted to see the bottom/top roles reversed. Colin tops well and I think Bobby is more appealing when he bottoms. But all in all a good scene.
when a performer giving a good performance becomes the expected thing, when good performances become common place and ordinary, i will continue to enjoying watching bobby and colin. i will watch them and remember a time when they and their performances were fresh and novel.
i am just a romantic who never tires of watching sunsets or birds at the feeder.
sometimes, the only thing to say about a scene, is thanks for a job well done.
A really good scene. Bobby and Colin both did a great job of getting in there and moving forward without a bunch of whining. The blow jobs were great. They both know how to handle a dick for sure. I liked the dialog between them when fucking. That really made the scene for me. I was also happy to hear them both thank each other at the end of the scene hinting that they both got a little enjoyment too. Great job and hope to see them both again and again.
This was another fantastic scene by two of our favorites. Colin as usual was trying to please and of course he succeeded. It looks like poor Bobby fell off a bike or motorcycle. It's even more unfortunate that it happened shortly before a shoot. He did a great job for his fans though. I hope he recovers well and heals quickly.

One of my only regrets is that the camera angle did not do a good job of catching their cumshots. I had to rewind it to catch a hint of Bobby's cumshot. I totally missed it the first time. I agree that it is even hotter when a cumshot can be captured showing the model's face. But I wouldn't recommend that camera angle again in the future as it didn't work very well for either model. The still photos also didn't capture either one's cumshot.
my problem with Bobby's performance is that he's never heard of "balls-deep" penetration. Colin begged for harder and Bobby acted like he didn't know what to do. He's cute but just barely a reliable top.
I agree about the cum shot. Needed a close up!!! Both of em. They both shot a pretty good load, too.
Colin top-notch hottie and Bobby goofycute innocent looking totally corrupted closetcase...Both knew what to do and unashamedly dived into one another...Bobby needs to learn that when a bottom says" harder" he means fuck him deeper and slam it ur cock into his ass as Colin wanted to feel the fuck and be made to moan from that wondrous mix of borderline painful ass-ache and dickhardening joy...Colin looked as if he wanted to kiss Bobby and unfortunately Bobby was a bit of a booby and missed an opprotunity to make this scene an inferno....PAIR CONNER and COLIN to getome hot kissing reminsiscent of Diesal and Jimmy,,, Colin and Boby deserve coongrats
I thought it was a really good scene. Just my opinion but I wished they would have kissed, Bobby seems to be returning to his old ways and thats good. I won't miss A-hole
Bobby at all.

Colin had to grow on me as he started out to me the same way as Bobby was becoming. Especially with Mick.

I like the fact that everyone seemed more comfortable in their rolesm More banter and talking. But for pete's sake put some damn underwear on. I don't care what kind just some. A little mystery.
Loved as usual with Colin is fantastic and so was Bobby if Colin ever made it to Texas I would hunt him down for sure he is such a stud. Keep up the good work guys
I was disappointed in this movie. I have always liked Bobby but he seems to be trying to become another Jimmy. He was very mechanical and looked as if he didn't want to touch Colin anymore than necessary, I hope in his next movie he will be more intimate with his partner. I love his hair. The injury to his knee looks very bad. He needs to be very careful that it doesn't get infected. It already looks red around the edges. I want to see a Bobby who is more into the sex with his partner. He did a very good oral. Colin did a good job. He knows how to take a cock in the ass and enjoy it. He also did a good oral. The movie might have been better if Colin had fucked Bobby.

I actually thought Bobby has gotten better, To me he has lost that hard ass attitude and returned more to the fun loving Bobby. There was a time I would have agreed with you though.
Odd that you should mention your dislike of the bodies being separated in doggy style. I'd just been thinking how much I was turned on by the total contact when Bradley was lying flat on his stomach and Conner was hugging him as he fucked him. Close contact is one of the extra turn ons I get when I'm having sex. Even having an arm around me while someone's chewing on a nipple.
I guess I'm going to be a dissenter here, but I was disappointed with this scene. I love both guys and perhaps my expectations were too high as a result. Bobby did well giving a blowjob, but I was disappointed in Colin's.
With all the sex toys he has, he needs to practice with them going deep so he can do it for real. I realize that everyone's gag reflex is different but if you are in the porn business, you have to learn how to de-sensitize it so you can take dicks deeper. (Hell, when I first started sucking dick as a pre-adolescent, I couldn't go deep either, but practice makes perfect and eventually, I was blessed with none to speak of, much to the delight of my partners.) The fucking was mechanical for the most part, enhanced only by Colin's asking for it harder and deeper. And I agree with the comment made that Bobby has to learn what balls-deep means.

Having said all that, still in my disappointment, I won't deny that I did "enjoy" the scene, it just took a bit longer-lol!!!

I hav never been a big fan of Colin but always have been of Bobby so the combination worked fine for me.

I too mussed the cumshots the first time around. That has happened several times now so there is room for improvement in that respect.

Loved this episode, though.
Speaking of cumshots

I didn't see any when I first watched it and then rewound it and still couldn't see. So I'll have to look again. Of course, all of this could be obviated if we went back to what was standard practice until recently and that is to show closeups of the cumshots and/or the cum once it's landed.