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Blake, Jeremy & Austin


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Nov 28, 2008
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Tacoma, WA
Wow, what a performance by these three guys. The kissing really got my blood boiling. It is for me to see guys kissing. That is such a hot turn on .
Good job guys and also to David. Keep up the hot shoots.

Gary in Tacoma
This video about doubled the total time on camera kissing for 2009. A perfect Christmas present. Thanks
Agreed Yabba but I'll go a bit further and state there is more kissing in this film than all the other Broke Straight Boys films put together lol. Nothwithstanding the kissing, the rest of the film was good too with an excellent cum shot from Austin.

If Jeremy is totally str8 then he should get an Oscar for his performance or maybe the word straight in the USA means something different. LOL

David - Although we didn't get a special Xmas film this year, this film is a good replacement. Well done, congratulations and a Very Merry Christmas to you all. xxx
Jeremy was such a terrific surprise. He was the one who initiated most of the kissing, he had his li'l fingies all over the other two when he was in support mode (making it a real threesome), and I'm damned if ole Jem wasn't so turned on by gay sex that his dick kept getting stiffer and stiffer the farther Austin stuck his into him. Anal scenes in which the fuckee is tumescent are SO much better than the ones where he's like overcooked spaghetti. AND he shot his load with Austin pounding him. He's the antithesis of twink. He's like a younger member of the Chamber of Commerce with 3 hardware stores and a wife who likes to cook with butter, but my goodness he was good.

And Austin, here in his absolute prime, was never better. I'm so looking forward to his interview on Behind the Scenes having seen him here. He was never cuter, more attractively "down home", in character and generally lovely. He and Tyler are probably the most versatile boys in the stable, they both do their jobs so well.

Blake was cute and funny and pale, and I like all those things, so even though he wasn't as strong a protagonist as the others (except vocally), I think he made up a threeway which wouldn't have been half as hot if it had only been Austin and Jem.

Such a great video.
What a nice Christmas present Unbelievable so hot thanks to all involved
Oh My! David I think that is one of the hottest and wildest scenes you have ever shot. Who cares if the straight guy may be a bit bi. With that kind of action who gives a shit...:tongue_smilie:
Unlike other oldtimers, Austin still gets my motor running. Maybe it's down to the occasional bottoming that has me appreciate his topping so much. Another winning update for sure!
What a great Stocking Stuffer! I have to agree this is one of the hotter scenes we have witnessed this year. While I have a tendency to run Hot and Cold with Austin, the heat was way up in this shoot! What a cock and what a cumshot! He has a great personality and is so comfortable in front of the camera that he puts everyone else at ease.

The "straight boy" Jeremy was a nice surprise. When he first stripped off his clothes and I saw that flaccid little willy, I thought we were in for a long winter's night. Boy was I mistaken! What a difference he made. He brought passion to the table, something we rarely see on the futon. Something tells me he's kissed a boy before, maybe Austin? They sure seemed to be into it when kissing each other. That "flaccid little willy" became rock hard and stayed that way when he had Austin's rod thrusting into him. Too bad the initial penetration ended up on the cutting room floor. It would have been interesting to see him take it.

I have to say that Blake does absolutely nothing for me, never has and probably never will. But to be fair I will say that he did not detract from the scene, nor did he bring anything special to the table. Would the scene had been as hot without him? Hard to tell, but with the passion exhibited by Austin and Jeremy we may have had another Diesal and Jimmie on our hands were it not for the third wheel.

All in all, a Great Scene, thanks Broke Straight Boys!

Merry Christmas to All - God Bless us Everyone!
- Jason
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WELL!! Austin, Austin, Austin!! Sigh.............

I also feared Jerm wouldn't cum through when I first saw his shrunken willy, but I had nothing to fear! The nipple nipping and then the kissing!! Oh my! :tongue_smilie:

I would have liked to have seen the initial penetration, but I was THRILLED to see Jerm with a hard on from the fucking!!

I don't think the vid would have been nearly so good with out Blake there. Blake is now at BCB and posts on the Forum there. I like him.

LOVED that Jerm stayed involved even after he busted! He was getting wood again toward the end. The kissing while Austin fucked Blake was, well, inspiring...............
I had to give that shoot a rating of 4.5 out of 5 tissues. My gawd, very hot, sweaty and what made it was the passionate kissing by the straight boy. If that's straight I may have to re-evaluate my sexuality. Austin's best by far and he looked cute and rejuvenated in this shoot. Kudos to David for what could be the best scene ever on Broke Straight Boys
Im not a huge fan of Austin Grant but this video was hot. Still hard to beleive that Jeremy is straight but what the hell, he took it like a champ. Blake isn't hard on the eyes either, just hope Santa brought him a tanning membership (lol).
The kissing was fantastic. Made me pucker up just watching.
I did give the video a 4 just because of the editing, I like to see the guys put on the condoms and stick their cock in rather that say lets fuck then breakaway and then return with the action.
I find that moment of insertion an extra big turn on too!
I like Austin and I also think he's nice looking (with a hot bod and a nice big cock)...and he has a great personality and camera presence to boot: my only problem is that I'm really bored with seeing Austin all the time (not just on Broke Straight Boys, but on many of the gay for paysites out there).

One of the things I like about Broke Straight Boys is their tendency to often-times use models that haven't already been in hundreds of scenes for dozens of other companies prior to appearing on Broke Straight Boys However, like Anthony, Austin is not typical of Broke Straight Boys in that I have seen him pop up on many, many other paysites...in MANY different scenes out there. While I like him as a model, I have grown tired of seeing him in scenes all over the internet quite some time ago.

HAVING SAID THAT, this scene was really hot! The kissing was AWESOME, and something I really would love to see a lot more of on Broke Straight Boys I realize that the premise behind Broke Straight Boys is that you're not going to be able to get these guys to kiss very often, but when they do...the ratings go way up, and the members LOVE IT!!!!!!

So even though I've grown really tired of Austin a long time ago, I still LOVED this scene and thought it was one of the hottest ones done on Broke Straight Boys in awhile!

Great job, great magic, great chemistry between the guys, and keep this good thing going! :thumbup1:

I just got to look at this one...has everything I ever wanted except the editing. I hate those sudden shots where they're practically at it already.