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bill clinton talking ethics is like ex-lax talking sh#t....


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Jun 13, 2011
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1)humor: Bill Clinton, a liar and poor excuse for a man who knowingly committed adultery numerous times on his wife, yet she made a political calculation to do a tammywynette, has stated that current sitting POTUS Obama ought to keep his word and fix this joke of an insurance fiasco so that everyone has real access to affordable insurance GOP policies and called them "centrist democratic" policies - read classically liberal eat-the-poor economics he embraced as "welfare reform" a cheap move that targetted those leats able to ever defend themselves collectively as deserving access as human beings to a minimum standard of living. Waiting for Bill to write that book on ethics and good communication in marriage.

2)humor: apparently a real Kenyan-American president does not mean that integrity has more meaning than under a Bush administration- [what Bush did>>>let my VP funnel taxpayer money to his company Halliburton in no-bid military contracts + allow lumber companies to write the federal forest protection legislation that allows for logging in endangered wildlife habitats]...note that Detroit us being allowed to go bankrupt while the industries housed there received huge federal (taxpayer) funded subsidies to prevent them from going bankrupt...

1)Horror: The African nation of Mauritania has created a government agency to examine and root out any remaining cases of enslavement- yes, slavery in the 21st century. The Whites (Arab-North African-Berber-Tuareg-Bedouin) have continued to enslave Blacks (subSaharan-Arab-Bantu) and use them as slaves for generations in households and rape the women.

2)Horror: The fact that the "bullying" story of the Miami Dolphins has alerted too many people to the fact that Black Americans do not think alike or classify one another alike and do allow some Whites in given circumstances to be viewed as honorary n*#gers...rather disturbing that Jonathan Martin,a Black American, the victim, who has 3 generations of Harvard graduates in his family was viewed as "pussy and benedict arnold" because he did not go get a gun and come in and blast away but rather left...the true stupidity is that some of the Blacks in his locker room questioned whether Martin was "authentically" Black...by that measure "is Obama"? Candoleeza Rice? any Black who chooses to finish college? or does not own a gun? or is not a deadbeat dad?

Horror3: how stupid are the people of Great Britain to permit their taxes to go for supporting a useless "royal family" that have done nothing valuable since mechanized weaponry became the norm...they aint leading battle charges up hills against entrenched enemies!!!