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Back from vacation!


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May 14, 2011
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Austin, TX area
Hi everyone! Just got back from a week of sun, sand and surf at beautiful South Padre Island, TX. Went with family and friends and stayed at a beautiful three story condo right on the beach. We went every day except Friday because of Don. Thank God he was such a wimp. All we got was rain. I didn't enjoy just the beach. There was a bevy of gorgeous guys from Mexico staying next door! After I got back from the beach I would go to the pool to delight in the "eye candy" lounging around. Needless to say, I missed all your posts. Logging in to the forum was the first thing I did! Now, I'm going to catch up on the updates to see what those hot models are up to! I'll catch up with you guys and gals later!:thumbup:
Welcome back Tequilla. I'm glad to know that Don was a nice storm who didn't rain on your parade very long. :blush:
Maybe its too new, but Kevin's solo..to use a much overused word..was extremely hot. Hearing him talk about his girl is a lil confusing being he knows how to get three fingers inside him and his dick is amazing too. Hope you guys have many more to be scheduled with him I'll be watching