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Back From My Hiatus!


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Oct 18, 2008
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Reston, Virginia (DC Suburbs)
I'd like to extend a very big HOOWWDDYYYY!!! from my new home in the South (or at least the so-called "Socialist Republic of Northern Virginia!" LOL!) :biggrin:

I'm sad to say I've drifted away from this forum for so long, but imagine my surprise to have come back to find that two of my favorite models---Mike and Logan---are now also active on here. What a welcome surprise! :tongue_smilie: My new career, my new house of worship, my volunteer services, my new friendships, etc. have had me busy as all hell as of late, but now I hope to have found enough time to be back for good. I'm playing hooky from work today because I quite honestly just needed a "mental health day" (we all get that way from time to time I suppose, right?), and I might just head on out for a nice trail run!

Also, this latest shoot with Gino? MMMMMM!!! I like me my fellow Italian boys (even if I am only 1/4 Italian! LOL!) He's a nice way for me to finally "get over" Giovanni! LOL! :w00t: David, I read the criticisms you garnered in another thread, but let it be known that from my angle---a dude who is fresh out of college and not too much under the "hot" level of your typical models---you are doing quite an excellent job. This has been and will continue to be my only "pay" site (and with my tight budget that's saying a lot! LOL!) Keep up the good work! :biggrin:
Howdy, RS!! Good to see you back!

Big Gino fan here! Isn't he great?

I'm looking forward to reading your posts. Welcome back!
Hey RS. Welcome back! We are always glad to see you here. I'm glad that you have gotten settled into your new home.

So good to have you back. I was just commenting to another member that I thought we had lost you to that dreaded disease call "WORK". And I understand the importance of those Mental Day off. I look forward to your up beat fun posts.

Live Long and Prosper,

Welcome back and I'm glad to hear your move was a success and your settling in just fine! Congrats on the new home and new surroundings.
I'm glade your back, you have been missed around here.