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Asian guy question


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Oct 19, 2008
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Padre Island Texas
They type of guys that turn me on are non fem twink types, especially Asian guys and tall 6'3" or more well built blond guys. I know a strange combo of guys that turn me on.

I watch the Asian guy section on Xtube often. And have I for a while.
One thing I have noticed... it is hard not to, about 80% of these smooth cute Asian guys shoot a FAR bigger load then non-Asian young guys.

Massive amount in fact compared to 90% of the guys even here on Broke Straight Boys Maybe we need to eat more of an Asian diet!! Just wondered if anyone else noticed this and who likes to see Asians. Some of these guys are amazingly well built and so damn hot. I wish we could get one to show up on Broke Straight Boys!
Yep, we're full of it! I recall once I didn't play with myself for two weeks and when I did, it shot up and almost touched the ceiling. Eat tons of tofu, fish, veggies, and rice to generate a high sperm count. Our dicks are usually smaller to you Vikings but we pack a larger punch when we blow. I perfer Vikings to my own race. I like the smooth white skin, blond or red hair, and blue eyes. Right now I'll take anyone white. Aloha.
not touching or cumming for along time (2 weeks you said) will do that no matter what you eat. I remember way back when having a fun thing with a guy called hypno in California who had me not touch or cum for a month then had me shoot a load by hypnotism without ever touching or stimulating it was wet and wild for sure.
A month! How did you do it? After two weeks, I start getting wet dreams and wild dreams like shouting, "God save the Queen!" and cumming all over myself. I must have been an English man in a former life.
OK, guys, let me wade in on this one. My boyfriend of 4 years is Asian, so I have some experience. The main attraction when I met him was that he is totally smooth. I have a thing for young stuff and the younger the better. My mother raised ugly little babies, not stupid ones, so I keep it legal. Anyway, my lover is from Hong Kong. From the neck up, he is 43 years old, intellegent, successful and mature. From the neck down, he is 16 and has the absolute most awesome body I have ever had the pleasure of loving.

Back to the original question. My experience is that, while he doesn't have the largest penis in size, he shoots massive loads. I am a cum hound and he keeps me VERY satisfied. I have often thought, wistfully, no wonder there are 8 billion Asians in the world! He is also uncut, which is my first real experience here, also. In the past, I stuck exclusively with cut guys after an extremely unpleasant one-time experience with an uncut whose hygiene was horrible. However, my lover's penis is very sensitive when the head is exposed and is most responsive to oral stimulation. I derive my pleasure from giving pleasure and his positive feedback is the most mind-numbing erotic experience I have ever enjoyed. He is the most perfect lover and I cherish him and thank God every day for him.