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Ashton & Jase


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Jul 20, 2009
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A loving performance. Jase has developed a very attractive Top physic, langie, butt cheeks, and, of course, a purposeful probing hard cock. Ashton couldn't wait for the fuck concluding with a wholesome deluge of fresh hot young cum. Jase has matured into a top-notch cocksucker. Ashton, I think, should spend a couple days on the beach, even a nude beach, prior to his next performance -- he looked, satisfied, but a little tired, to me.:001_smile:
Yes Nedrow, you have it dead on about Jase, he's really hot. Ashton - well to put it in his words - he turned up for a dick in his arse - and that's about it.

The chat beforehand indicated that the video was shot in May, that means we're now 8months behind. Grrr it's all so bloody confusing. Judging by Jase's performance in the video mentioned on the other thread "Jase on another site" which I think was filmed around Sept, then he has moved on a bit since the video shown today.

Think I would like to see Jase in a fuck duo with Ryan. That would really be hot.
i enjoy watching ashton. jase seems so open.
now if i heard david correctly, the event he was talking about was to occur in june.
he said, in a couple of months. that would put the ashton and jase scene in april. probably the end of april.
the last 24 scenes will take until the end of march to go live. 3 scenes per week for the next 8 weeks.
this is based upon david doing 6 scenes per week for the 4 weeks in may.
just trying to make sense out of this things.
trying for the next level of forum membership.
after being tested, it would have been super hot for some bareback action. know it's "taboo", but with mutual consent, WHOA!