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May 31, 2011
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Can we get MORE of this sexy boy? His personality and smile and ofcourse ass and cock are all amazing! He's so playful too!! He is by FAR my most favorite of all the BSBs ;-D
I am happy to see Shane and Josh on the home page again after a short absence. Those two men (together or one at a time) are HOT!!!

Ashton is not.
Ashton is gross!

What is about Ashton that is gross? He has a killer smile that lights up a room, plus a bubbly personality that totally steals the show. He has a nice body, albeit not the body of a gym bunny. However I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating cookies!
Ashton was never a favorite of mine but I honestly have to say I find him more appealing now than I ever did. If he came back, I'd welcome him with open arms!
I wouldn't throw Shane or Josh out of bed no matter what. They have a chemistry no one else has. Oh boy would love to be in bed with them!!!