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Feb 8, 2010
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Tucson, AZ.
So, it should come as no shock if anyone has seen the interview I did at last year's Phoenix Pride BTS, that I <3 armpits. It is my favorite part on a man, hands down. Right before the holidays I got the best present ever from someone that shall remain nameless...my very own custom armpit photos. They are the hottest photos ever. Since I can't exactly share them, I thought I might post other gorgeous armpit photos I have collected...

Does anyone else share this fetish of mine?? :) I just want to bury my nose right in there! ::::sigh::::









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Wow! I'm so glad I turned my laptop back on!!! Those photos are seriously sexy!

I have a bit of an armpit fetish, too. I love to bury my nose in my husband's armpit. For me, it's a smell thing. I'll lick the skin around his pit, but not the hair necessarily. It's not a taste or texture thing for me. He smells like a man and it turns me on. Same when I bury my nose in his crotch. That is even better. Just the earthy man smells are enough to get me all riled up.

However, the armpit fetish goes beyond taste and smell and there is a definite visual involved in the experience as well that you have obviously not overlooked with your selection of photographs. Those are some sexy ass images. The way the line of the body is displayed during an armpit revealing pose is extremely erotic.

Ultimately, though, I think it's so sexy because it's such an intimate spot on the body, and it reveals so much. What's more intimate than sharing your most personal scents with your lover? Most of us try to mask those smells. But an armpit, no matter how much deodorant you put on, will still smell like sweat and be filled with pheromones no matter how just out of the shower you are. It's earthy and raw and pure sex in a way few other places on the body are.

Damn, Deidra! Where is that man when I need him???? In his absence, I'll take... mmmmmmmm... the last guy, deffo!
Great topic Miss D, armpits are one of my fav places to explore too. Do you like them natural or shaved ? I recently met this guy at his place - we'd been chatting on msn for ages - he opened his door in just a towel. I rushed inside, he lifted his arms and revealed the most gorgeous pits ever. I was just about to put my face in them when I noted a strange odour and he noted that I'd noticed and said "Don't worry I've just showered but I don't use soap". The odour was rather enticing so I ventured further and put my nose and mouth right in there - jeez it was heaven.
Armpits are great if left natural, a guy with pit hair just does not look right to me.
Dear Ms. Deidra:

Having spent years in a dress and therefore enduring the tedium of constantly shaving, I must voice my strong agreement with you in the area of armpit hair. That one detail is to me the iconic symbol of virility and maleness. And the scent of a man, fresh from his labor, is so intoxicating as to eliminate the need for any other arousal. I have four sons and a husband who all have beautiful pits. They are living proof that heaven is the PITS!. LOL!
Although, I do enjoy the 'maleness' of armpits...I much prefer the 'manlyness' of an unshaven asshole. Now, that's what 'I wana bury my nose in'... :) :::sigh::: lol
Ms. Deidra, your pictures are breath taking and worthy of Cute Boy Friday notoriety. I must agree with you to a degree I am more of a happy trail kind of person. I really think that a man's arm pits accentuate and define him as much as his face. As an artist it is one of the most alluring features to draw. It is strange how if you get them slightly off it detracts from the overall resemblance of the drawing. Those are certainly sexy arm pit pictures and definitely worthy of their own thread indeed.

Did you ever notice that almost all Super Hero comic magazines depict lots of shots of the hero exposing their arm pits.





I am so glad that you have found some real life Super Heroes (Guys). The cartoon ones are not quite the turn on that your Super Hero armpit guys are.
Ain't it the pits! There is no one-size-fits-all rule.

To whom it may concern,

Those beautifully recessed armpits have masculinity written all over them. Though I generally prefer these sunken treasures appearing with hair, in fact anything can, if taken to excess, turn out being a bad thing. Having armpits that can be confused for a fully grown chia pet or even your pet cat, needs a little work on them. I guess you might refer to this as "pitscaping" where the traces of hairs end in a thinning out trail at either end of the of the armpit. Something resembling two stacked rectangular boxes simply won't cut the mustard anymore these days.

At the opposite extreme, even those guys that feel they must be totally hair free everywhere else, need to remember to keep the armpits off limits or possibly needing some symmetrical pitscaping where both pits look like mirror images of each other and are tapered at the top and bottom. People with two rectangular boxes per pit can, especially if they have black hair, appear to be self-sticking Velcro and once you bring your arms down, you won't be able to raise them again, due to the Velcro appearing patches of underarm hair. Certainly for paid performers like dancers appearing for an audience with children, shaving may be the way to go. No one wants to see a male ballet dancer with furry underarms. The same applies to swimmers. Other sports require underarm hair to pass the screening device to get to the male locker rooms.

Long after a guy has gone completely bald, they can be counted on to have a full crop growing inches away from their bald head. I wonder how many bald guys would willingly trade their underarm hair for hair on their head.


Stimpy, Pit expert extraordinaire PEE
Ah something close to my native heart! Living on an island out in the Pacific, cologne and scents are few and non-existent. I grew up sensitive to people's body odors and like everyone else learned to distinguish so called "good" or "unpleasant" body odors. During sexual encounters, I learned to appreciate the use of my nose to go over my lover's body and when I got to his sensitive parts, the smells emanating from them absolutely drove me wild with excitement. Smelling wasn't enough, I had to taste and fully draw in its full essence. The gentle biting and licking will begin with my nostrils closely pressing against his erotic parts. His armpits, his crotch, his butt, his feet and head all have its own distinct smells and potency. I will wait sometimes for a smell of his dirty Tee shirt or yes, even his day old underwear. I would press my face into them and draw in a deep breathe closing my eyes visualizing him in my mind. His scent made more real to me than as if he was standing next to me. This made me wild with expectancy, it made me crave and hunger to meet him, to catch him, to taste him and ... I am not different from anyone else, just a bit more sensitive with smells. Anyone can learn.