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any more videos with Preston in them?


Oct 20, 2008
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Preston was really hot, is he in anymore videos you have not released yet?
Preston will be back

According to another thread written by David, Preston will be back in HD.
Sounds great. I wonder if he still has a girlfriend... After his last two videos he really seemed to come out of his shell with guys quite a bit.:thumbup:
Yes, he's been filmed in HD! But didn't you say he wouldn't be doing any more work?

Preston and MikeR in the dick torture scene was one of the best videos Broke Straight Boys has ever produced. The expressions of manic, gleeful malice on their faces as they wrought havoc with each others' nerve endings was sooo excellent. I would do anything to get them back together. Just tell me and I'll do it...:001_tt1::thumbup::lol:
MikeR and Preston. They are terrific together. Look in Denny's spreadsheet for the date of the episode.

Actually right now it is on the main page as a members favorite. Also I hate to twist the thread but while were talking about the favorites page last night I took another look at the Tyler, Dustin video or rather the last two scenes of it. I was very moved as it had a whole new meaning to me. What a powerful scene with the two of them together. As we have heard Tyler was really taken by Dustin's death, after watching this I can understand why. I really felt sorry for him as it is obvious they had something between them even if just that one time. Anyway I just wanted to share that. Back to our man Preston