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Any Aussies form sydney on here

Welcome to the Forum, scottaussie!

Raysvq is in Australia. There have been a couple others, too.

Happy posting!
hey Scottaussie welcome to the forum buddy.

I am just across the ditch from you in NZ.

As paris says..happy posting:thumbup:
Just wondering if there are any Australians on here as members, be good to know that I am not the only Aussie

G'day cobber - lol
Not in Sydney any more by about 3 years. Moved to the FNQ where the temp is warmer.
What part of Sydney are you?
I've always wanted to go to Australia, but they wouldn't let me in because I havn't got a criminal record. :lol::wink:

Easily fixed - just ask Liz to put a chain around your ankle with a ball on it & that entitles you to a free ocean voyage to Down Under. :lol: :thumbup:
Paul, bigboyhunk & Scottaussie, welcome to the forum.
Hiiiiiiii ..... Winters coming ....... and i hate it.

Wollongong here
Hiiiiiiii ..... Winters coming ....... and i hate it.

Wollongong here

Isn't it nice to snuggle next to your lover while listening to the crackel of the fire though... Welcome back dude.:thumbup1:
I'm from the Southern Highlands, an hour and a half south of Sydney.
Good to hear a few fellow countrymen on here.

I love being "down under" - in more ways than one lol

I have yet to go down under visiting our ex cons lol but have been down under in the biblical sense. x