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Anthony and Mike not working...

I think it goes up in stages and we're just a wee bit impatient. I know it's never been completely up at this time in Phoenix before but I'm just as impatient as everyone else...
sorry joe we wore out the like from watching it so much. lol
oops sorry thinking of the other vid. come on Mark you have a 1,000 guy's wanting to see this vid.
come on now Broke Straight Boys, this hasnt happened b4, its past when its usually up, and its not workin yet, makes me sad that ill be goin to sleep later and not seeing this vid. :(

The text belongs to the previous shoot which went up without one, so maybe they uploaded that onto the wrong page, not adding the video since the story already had one: the Tyler, Corey and Derrick one.

Whatever. My dick was ready to celebrate the return of the cousins, and now aches almost as much as the balls underneath it. :w00t: :drool: :confused1:
I noticed the same thing. When I clicked on the home page link of Anthony and Mike, it brought up no pictures and the story was the same with Tyler, Corey and Derrick.
arrrrrr well they get it going sooner or later
4hours after the first post and still not working and still not comment from site owners. You would have thought they would have tested it first !
I can't believe this was fixed so late in the evening. Says great things about y'all...
The video was well worth the wait if it helps! If you made a second site with just those two once a week I'd subscribe for sure!
Actually it took way longer to fix it than I would ever want it to but I didn't know about it until I got home.


Thanks Mark...no disrespect meant...I love this site...Anthony just happens to be my favorite. You guys are great! Shit happens... :)