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Another Jason and Mick

I have to admit, it was a hot scene even for me to film...the room steamed up!!!
Hey Dan, it's a wonder you don't explode when you film scenes as steamy as this. I would like to pose a question to you if you can answer it. How do you choose what pairs to put together for Boy Gusher? This pair looked so erotic it's looks like they are a real couple. If this is the case are there others? Thanks
Loved this film 'cos I'm a kissing mad person. I love to kiss, French style of course, and to be kissed back. In films as long there is kissing then it's half way there to getting a 5. This one gets a 5 but if they had combined the kissing with the College Boy Physicals fuck then that would have been 10 out of 5.
Mick is the bomb... one really hot dude... the other dude is just OK. Not my cup of tea or coffee.. I don't drink tea in a cup. Dang that was stupid.