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Another Hi There


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Oct 24, 2009
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I m new to the site too and want to say how great it is. There is a personality to this site which is unique and really fun. I'm having a great time going back and seeing what has gone on in the past (a lot!!). And with a nod to previous comments and threads, I think Tyler is great, Torin may yet learn, bring on more Aiden for sure, and yes, limp dick getting hard is a real turn on.

I'm sure there is a thread somewhere in the list that talks about the fun of wondering and/or figuring who is more open to gay sex than others. In other words, how are we doing "recruiting" When I see guys kissing (a lot) or saying fuck yes fuck yes fuck yes I know something is going on. I would love to know, but guess I never will, just what this gay experience has meant to these straight boys.

Which leads me to a question: what prevents gay boys pretending to be straight in order to make the money? There must be some process you use to weed out the fakes.

One last thing: Cruising through "back issues" I came upon June 3, 07 (I think it was Chris, Chris, Kyle, and some one else (4 Orgy). It was posted as these guys wanted what they do in their dorm put on film. Well, it certainly was. I didn't see any straight guys, but the four certainly put on a show and the conclusion was one of the messyest, drippiest set of cum shots I havwe ever seen anywhere.

Anyway, glad to be a member.
Welcome aboard Silvercamel to the site and the forums. Glad you are here. Hope you enjoy yourself and post often on here and the general chat forum.

Hey there Silvercamel, welcome to the forum. I can see you are already finding your way around which is great.

The guys on here are awesome you will have loads of fun in the forum and also watching the vids:biggrin:
Hi silvercamel welcome to the forum and site. I'm sure the producer will post here so I will let him handle your model comments.

As for the models being straight check out this great thread, http://members.brokestraightboys.com/forum/showthread.php?t=62. You can tell pretty easily if a model is gay but acting straight. We have had married guys, tons of guys with girlfriends etc. It is a crazy world we live in lol. Enjoy the site.

Maxwell Silvercamel ??? Welcome to the forum