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  1. X

    What Ever Happened To Anthony Hunt or Kodi?

    Hello, New to the forum, but been a longtime BSB viewer. Was just wondering if anybody knew what happened to Anthony Hunt or Kodi?
  2. T

    Scott drills little Kodi

    Am I the first to comment? I can't quite believe that, given how long after the clip appeared I am posting. First of all, I did find myself fast-forwarding--never a good sign. The scenario is the iron-clad BSB formula. Sometimes Scott has a joli-laid cuteness about him, and I like his accent...
  3. T

    Long John Silver's first man-fuck (into Kodi)

    Was that the world's most awkward kissing? I'm not sure I would have enjoyed being Kodi's top, given how really physically uncomfortable he seemed to be at the beginning of the fucking; clearly, he hasn't practised in-between shoots! But, despite his initial doubts about himself, Long John...
  4. L

    Adam Baer and Kodi

    I'll post this in advance because I am so excited! Adam Baer is definitely my new favourite. There is something about him that gets me going!! I don;t need to even say that Kodi is obviously my favourite. When I saw Adam I was like if he is ever with Kodi I will cum for days! Well tomorrow is...
  5. L

    Kodi Bukkake

    I know this will probably never happen (even thought it would be a instant classic!) I think it is undeniable that Kodi is one of the most popular boys on the site and can take it like a real man. So here is my plea! I can't afford a membership every month I'm young and poor (19) But if Kodi...
  6. rrhill

    Pair up Kodi with...

    If it was up to you who would you pair Kodi with?