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  1. johnny

    Any one know what happened to Jason??

    Just wondering? Anyone know what happened to Jason? Sure miss him. Best ass ever. Sorry Paul... You have it all. But just wonder if he will ever be back. Big loss if not. Never a bad scene. Hope I posted in the right place?
  2. Mikey2419

    wondering what the model age limit to model for the site

    i always wonder what the sites model age limit is. i apply to alot sites and never get ar esponse .hell id even takea negative response =[ just makes me wonder if its my look, race,age or what. after meeting blake and jason at ny pride i was just in shock ive met alot of the older models before...
  3. cumrag27

    What has happened to Jason?

    It seems like we can't seem to keep models that are real troupers coming back. That is a double shame because Jason really gives it his all. If for no other reason, Jason deserves more modeling opportunities on BSB-2. And, the good thing about him is that he is "attitude free" and always puts...
  4. N

    Four for Jason

    Seeing Jason take Jimmy's load in his mouth with a super willing tongue made me really want to see him as the center of a bukkake scene. Except forget the facial. I want to see Jason stick his tongue out as four guys cum into his mouth. Minimal drippage. Or better yet, let the four guys take...
  5. C

    some cute/hot guys please.

    Ok no offense but this sight has really ugly guys. You cant find any hot guys? The only hot ones i have seen are Diesel, Jason, Alden, Shawn. :thumbdown: