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  1. prodigal

    Upcoming Xavier + Zach Update.

    It's probably just me but I keep picturing twenty-five minutes of Xavier and Zach arguing because they both want to be the bottom!
  2. D

    Naughty and Twisted Terms; add yours!

    Hi guys: Here is a list of various twisted and naughty terms, the majority of which are products of my own perverted mind. They're great for a laugh or two. If you can think of any more, please add them. Enjoy! Tinkler Sprinkler: Attempting to take a piss right after jacking off, where it...
  3. D

    List of terms for male masturbation; add yours!

    This is a list I compiled of terms for male masturbation. I posted it here for your entertainment and enlightenment. Feel free to add any that you know about. Enjoy! A Leak In the Main Drain Answering the Bone-A-Phone Assault on a Friendly Weapon Backstroke Roulette Baiting your Hook Bash...