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behind the scenes

  1. DChristopher

    Interview Questions for the Models

    Hi all, When I do the interviews, my aim is to give you a brief glimpse into a model's personal life and show off their personalities. Each guy has a unique and oftentimes fascinating back-story that often keeps me riveted from the moment we start. However, as the BTS interviews evolve, I would...
  2. DChristopher

    Sneak Peek at Paul & Damian in New BTS Short Film

    Hey all, Just wanted to share a few stills from a little project that I've been working on with Paul and Damien. It's a semi-erotic tale that the boys really shine in. It's a little different than what we've done before on the site and we hope you like it. It will debut sometime in the next two...
  3. DChristopher

    Submit Your Questions for an Upcoming Episode of Straight Talk

    We would like to hear from you for an upcoming episode of Straight Talk! Submit your ideas and questions here and we may feature them on an upcoming episode of our monthly talk show. Topics may include the latest trends in the news or in entertainment, or they may also include talk about any...
  4. ChuckBluMedia

    New Bonus Behind the Scenes Added. Q&A session with Sha by Blake Bennet & members

    New Bonus Behind the Scenes Added. Q&A session with Sha by Blake Bennet & members Hello Everyone, Just wanted to let ya all know that the latest BTS videos has been added. Questions & Answers for Sha by Blake Bennet Hope you enjoy. Thanks, Chuck
  5. ChuckBluMedia

    Behind the Scenes: Introduction to Lucas Weston Episode 2

    Hello Everyone, We have posted another behind the scenes: Introduction to Lucas Weston Episode 2 we are starting these behind the scenes videos as more of an introduction and series for each model that comes into the studio. I wont say too much, just hope you like it so far. On another note...
  6. ChuckBluMedia

    New Behind the Scenes Added - BTS Denver Grand TV Commercial

    Hello Everyone, Just a quick heads up that a new BTS video has been added. Click here to view the BTS of Denver Grand OutTV commercial I am aware some people have trouble viewing the BTS videos, these are not on the streaming server. We are working on converting these over so it makes it easier...
  7. ChuckBluMedia

    Do you miss Logan?

    Sha was lucky enough to run into Logan over the weekend during the Chicago Market Days. We are excited to announce a behind the scenes interview with him to be posted next week. For those of you who don't know Logan here are some of his naked videos: :001_tt2: View Logan's Scenes Photo of...
  8. rrhill

    Behind the scenes

    Just revisited the Behind the Scenes sections. Now it contains real behind the scenes interviews with some of the guys that model on the site. Just click on BSB interviews. It contains a hot bonus video: “Scott and Leon’s interview”. The reality level is what makes straight broke boys so hot...
  9. B

    Making the video

    Hey, i think it would be great to have a behind the scenes video of doing a scene ... if thats possible