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Who'd filming the JJ & DOMINIK session


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Apr 13, 2009
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Sunny Australia.
JJ & DOMINIK .. i just cant take to the guy filming.

it just is wrong......... where is david lol
Ok who's BJ

BJ is the director for the company that filmed most of the Straight Boys Jerk Off content. He parted ways with D & E a while back (cordially I understand). Not all the content we see is produced by David and Eddie (D&E !!!!!). Only Broke Straight Boys and College Boy Physicals are D&E. Straight Boys Jerk Off is thru Mark's Blu Media and the current film is from "cockjuicecontent". I believe that ABFT is produced by another company.

So when we ask about models, David only has a handle on the boys from Broke Straight Boys and College Boy Physicals. Tanner Ryder Maverick JJ JT etc are not in his stable......... Mark may know some details, I can't speak to that.

I hate to be unkind. BJ's voice was a bit high pitched. When I first saw this episode I really hoped that JJ would get into the gay sex more. Dominik though was rather flabby and out of shape. Nice guy and all but hardly porn model material. Either gay or straight. I always wondered if JJ would have found it more enjoyable with a physically more attractive model.