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Which of these 2 designs do you like?

Which design do you prefer?


    Votes: 1 4.5%

    Votes: 21 95.5%

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I like both of them, Scorpio! As long as you keep JJ on the main page, I'll go with the new one. Well done!!
I think the new design sets this part of the site off from College Boy Physicals by the use of a new set of complimentary colors, as well as a more eye catching presentation of content. I would definitely join # 2.

Thank you for asking, Iam,
I like the new design better. And the stats to the left. Would their be a way you can set something like that up for Broke Straight Boys That's what we've been asking for. :thumbup: :thumbup:
I think that's what we've been asking for right guy's
the new design looks more put-together and professional. If I am going to type my credit card number into a site I want something that looks like a legitimate, established business.
The old design does not look as legitimate.
I might even add to the banner at the top right:
Straight Boys Jerk Off
An Original Website Since 2006 (or whenever it came to be).

I feel more confident knowing that I am joining a site that has been around a couple of years.

The humorist in me would change the footer from:
We Shoot Our Own Content. Real Straight Boys.
We Shoot Our Own Content. Just Like Our Real Straight Boys. :thumbup:
i love the new version, hot and better pics and i would definetely check out the site if i just stumbled upon it.
New one for sure. The 70's masculine color scheme and geometrical shapes fit the premise of total heterosexuality. The curriculum vitae in list form and the boxed texts are also very male. There isn't a nelly note on the whole page. Very good subliminal messaging about the content. I didn't check the free buttons, but it looks like there's plenty of "tour" material which is excellent, since lots of freebie footage means the home page will turn up on internet lists.
I like the new one.
Truly the new site. I like the idea of the guys' stats being brought back. I missed that and also miss reading the text that some of the older videos included along with their stats.