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Vinny and Mateus


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Jun 30, 2009
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New Zealand
Someone mentioned that Vinny and Mateus have been on one of the bonus sites recently. Can anyone tell me which one it was? They were two of my favourites, and I would love to see them go further than they did on Broke Straight Boys I'd love to see them back on Broke Straight Boys taking it to the next level :)
check HSBoys, frat boys. "college boys going deep". actually it is mauricio on the cover .
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Hey guys
there are probably numerous other threads relating to this but does anyone else have issues downloading or streaming vids via HSBoys - i always get a message about missing codecs and despite updating all players and trying to use support page to fix potential prbs nothing has worked. I have emailed support and just waiting for a response but thought would ask in the mean time if anyone had suggestions