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The Way Business Should Be Done

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Oct 24, 2008
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Corbin Fisher has struck another blow against piracy (http://www.xbiz.com/news/116256). I think it's great that CF has gotten so aggressive. If they scare off enough of the big operations then every gay porn site can rest a little easier and lose a lot less potential revenue!
What is astonishing is the pirate is an insider/fellow affiliate. If you can't trust your friends who can you trust? Gay eat gay in the worst way - greed.
Certainly glad I pay CF for the privilege of watching the vids. People that bought them on ebay are in for it the way it sounds.

One thing I found amusing, is that CF offered Levi Johnston $100k to do a solo and interview. His peeps said it wasn't enough money. He didn't say no! LOL!
We are glad they took action. As Mark said this is simply an ongoing battle. We fight sites like these on a daily basis.

If any of you watched the CNBC news a few months ago about Porn and Piracy, here is a quick recap: http://www.cnbc.com/id/15840232?video=1174438874&play=1

If anyone here finds a site which has illegal content, full videos etc if its our network of sites or others you can PM me. I will contact the correct company to let them know. This affects the entire industry and hurts all of us to provide quality content, as much as we all enjoy porn its not free.
Will do. Wow, this is really getting crazy... We did not want internet regulations at one time now it is becoming evident that people just can't play nice without rules and penalties.:blush: Human nature you got to love the tenacity. LOL
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