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Austin Pride (rescheduled)


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Sep 6, 2009
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We are putting on our cowboy hats and headed to Texas for the first time. We don't know what to expect but I hear they grow em big in texas so I for one am excited. As for the boys, well I am not sure but hey that is why I get to find the cities for the tour right? :)

Been waiting for ya'll to come to the Lone Star! What models will be coming to Austin, any idea? Sure hope one will be Jeremy, although I doubt he would want to come to his home state.
We have a whole new lineup of models this year with a combination of Broke Straight Boys as well as College Dudes Let me just say whichever we select you will be happy because these guys are smokin! Do you have a suggestion on a host bar with a host drag queen while we are there?
Actually I don't off hand, but I will investigate and get you some info. I do believe that as far as abr are concerned, OilCan Harry's, is still a popular and nice sized bar with an outdoor patio. More to come.

Sorry I never got back to you about Austin. I lived there many years, but have now been away from there for over 10 years. I'm afraid I hAVe lost touch with people who might be "in the know". All I do know is that Oilcan Harry's is still a popular bar there, as I imagine that so is "Charlie's". I do so hope that you made some contacts there and that you are still coming to Austin, I've made arrangements to go up for that weekend.
I so look forward to seeing you and the boys there.
Hey guys. I just found out that this event was moved to September. We are still going to try to make it to Austin this year if we are available that weekend.

Thanks for the heads up! Maybe by September you can have some more actual Broke Straight Boys boys for that event. Nothing against Rob or Cole, am sure they are great guys, but I don't even know who they are, much less have seen their work. That doesn't inspire me to drive hundreds of miles to go see in person, guys I have never even seen. Bobby and Rocco would really be nice, or even Brett.